Market 77 Expanding Up Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2011 at 4:30 pm 23 Comments

Looks like Market 77 is expanding up Georgia Ave, NW. A few weeks ago we learned of the new spot just south of the Petworth-Georgia Ave metro (photo above) and now they are also opening one up at the corner of 9th and Varnum St, NW (just east of Georgia, photo below). They also have a store at Georgia and Irving St, NW in Parkview (I think it’s Irving St, right?).

There was a bit of chatter on the Petworth listserv that some folks thought the idea of 24 market there might not be a good idea. You think a 24 hour market on that corner will be a convenience a nuisance?

  • TG

    How much for the prepaid Pho. Times must be tough if you can’t get some Pho without paying first.

    • inwdc

      Yeah, seriously. I’m wondering if they got confused and meant “prepaid pho-necards”

  • caballero

    Supposedly, the location on 9th and Varnum won’t be open 24 hours. They got the sign wrong.

    And yes, the pho is delicious.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    I’ve no problem with a 24 hour market. But I was disappointed to see a “bulletproof cashier cage” in the one on Georgia near Mass. Makes it yet another of the many unwelcoming markets in the area.

    • betterbulletproofthandead

      I am always surprised that people complain about bulletproof glass. Do you think that the market owners would pay the extra to install it if they did not feel that it was necessary in order to protect their employees? Nobody likes bulletproof glass, but they like being shot even less. The two markets near my house at n. capitol and new york ave. have experienced four armed robberies between them within a two week period. I would never ask someone to work at one of those places unprotected. Only when we can provide a relatively safe neighborhood environment can we then ask market owners to ditch the bulletproof ugliness. Until then, you are asking someone to sacrifice their life for your sense of aesthetic.

      • Rob


  • Nadine

    I’m not a fan of the Market 77 on the corner of Georgia and Irving. Many times when I walk by it after work there’s a group of teenagers hanging around eating junk food, and there’s a lot of litter that I associate with what’s sold there. It’s only two blocks from my house but I haven’t ever been in because soda, cigarettes and phone cards aren’t items I buy. I wish they would put an actual market there that sells fresh foods instead of packaged crap.

  • anon

    This is somewhat tangential, but can someone provide more info on the Petworth listserv? Is it a Yahoogroup? Googlegroup?

    Are there any listservs specifically pertaining to Park View?

    • saf

      Yahoo group.

      Yes, there’s a Parkview yahoo group too.

  • Dittle

    I also live near this market off of Georgia and echo the previous comment. I never enter this store because it has junk food – nothing that I want to buy. I would love fresh coffee, fruit, good, freshly prepared snacks. This place is just another throwback to the eighties. I also don’t like the loitering, the litter and the unwelcome bulletproof glass. It needs to change. I wish it would close and move somewhere else.

    • Another guy named Chris

      I think many people would like a store like the one you describe, however I don’t think there are enough of us in the area to keep the business afloat.

      However, this is just a corner store, and it serves it’s purpose. 24 hour convenience. Freshly prepared fruits and snacks go bad within a day or two, if you think the owners could make a profit selling those type of items then go pitch the idea to them. They are really nice reasonable people.

    • RCCR

      Rock Creek Market at Warder & Rock Creek Church has a small, but relatively good, assortment of fresh foods and stocks other non-junk food options.

      • Another guy named Chris

        Really? Ill check it out

      • Julesonprinceton

        I was going to post about this market. To me, it’s what we need in a neighborhood market and no loitering (as far as I can tell).

  • anon

    And on another tangential note… what’s up with that strip of stores just below the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro (where the Market 77 will be opening)? There’s always pigeon sh*t because the landlord hasn’t shielded the rafter things under the awnings, so pigeons are always roosting there. And the landlord doesn’t seem to be cleaning up the accumulated pigeon sh*t either.

    I also have a hard time figuring out when those stores (beauty supplies store, hardware store, etc.) are actually open. They don’t seem to have their hours posted. They’re closed in the morning when I leave for work, and closed when I get home.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah trying to get something from that hardware store is an exercise in frustration. They do open sometimes but it’s hard to tell when. PITA too because I would love to give my business to a local store.

      • fz

        I walked to that hardware store twice only to find it close, walked back home and drove to Home Depot. I have already been fooled twice, so I never gave it another chance.

        • PetHeights

          There is a local hardware store in Columbia Heights that is small but nice and the employees are always helpful. They even sell plants and flowers and make keys. They also keep regular hours. Maybe try them next time?

    • Marcus Aurelius

      It may just be a matter of the hours you keep. Of the spaces that are occupied, the beauty suppy store, the
      Bulletproof-soda-chips-miscellaneous-grocery-items store, the bulletproof takout joint, the hardware store, and the grocery/takoout place on the corner of Georgia and Quebec are all open. But most are closed by 6. The hardware store keeps irregular hours but you really aren’t missing much. It’s not well stocked and most everything seems a decade old.

    • Rob

      The hardware store is frustrating because I as well walked up to give the ‘local store’ business to find it closed with no hours of operation listed. Headed reluctantly to Home Depot…

    • Julesonprinceton

      I can’t beleive that the area between Princeton Pl and the metro hasn’t improved despite the new CVS across the street and the proximity to the metro and bus lines. I begin my walking commute every day by squeezing by the Fisherman’s Church (and its unexcusable condition)where two way traffic is impossible, only to cross the street to be commented upon by the guys loitering outside the corner market, then I try to dodge the pigeon poop only to have to drag my feet to scrape it off as I cross New Hampshire meanwhile hoping that some turning car won’t hit me.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        I don’t know that any of the stores on that block are going anywhere. It hasn’t improved appreciably since I came to the hood 6 years ago. Maybe the best we can hope for is what happened with the storefronts on 14th St and Park Road around DCUSA – a City-financed upgrade of the facades.
        But things are happening on other blocks of Georgia Ave above and below the Metro.

  • Anomynous

    Maybe the farmers market will light the way for a real local store to open. After all, there’s going to be a two year period while the Safeway is rebuilt.

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