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  • Anonymous

    an anti human device.

  • H St Pioneer

    I’ve seen something similar near my office downtown – I believe it is to keep dogs out.

    • CB

      Wouldn’t need it to keep dogs out if people had common sense and not let their dogs dig up, walk through or do their business in tree boxes that people obviously spent time, effort and money improving. I spent several hours of hard work on the tree box in front of my house, and have had several “presents” left behind by inconsiderate dog owners. It’s bad enough some let their dogs dig and scratch in the tree box, but I’m just waiting to catch one of them in the act of not cleaning up.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this is what I need in my back yard to keep the nasty feral cats from crapping all in my vegetable garden. Or maybe I should just invest in a 22 calibre rifle.

    • Cat-piss salad

      You’re welcome to the ones in my alley too!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, will the city trap these awful cats? I am really tired of chasing them off, only to find their turds everywhere and smell their piss in the flower beds along my patio.

    • Anonymous

      or a fence.

      • Cat-piss salad

        Unless your fence is 18 feet high and made of solid steel, cats are going to jump it, climb it or squeeze through the bars and crap in your vegetables. Why is it ok to trap/poison feral alley rats but not feral alley cats?

        • Anonymous

          my fence is 6 ft high and the cats don’t get in.
          i’m sorry you don’t know rthe difference between cats and rats, and their relative problems. i blame your parents for not teaching you properly.

          • Jim

            My fence is over 6 feet high and the cats have absolutely no problem climbing over it. Their claws grab into the wood quite easily. They can leap about 4 feet up from the ground anyway, so they only need to clamber a couple more feet to clear it. I’ve chased them out of my yard many nights.

            The stakes don’t work either. I have stakes and a twine trellis out now for my beans, and they seem to think it’s a privacy curtain for their pooping.

  • textdoc

    I’ve heard that putting stakes in your garden area will discourage cats from using it as a litterbox.

    • Cat-piss salad

      Only if you put the stakes through their hearts.

      • thedofc

        I just called PETA on your @$$

        • anon



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