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Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Food Truck?

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2011 at 10:22 pm 72 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken about food trucks and I can’t believe how many there are today. I don’t recognize half the names. If you haven’t been keeping up, Food Truck Fiesta has, by far, the most extensive list of trucks (full list after the jump).

So for the Friday Question of the Day – what’s your favorite truck? How often do you eat at trucks (once a week, daily)? How long is the wait generally? How much would you say an average lunch costs? Do you find that they come near where you work or do you have to seek them out?

I’ve only tried a couple – I loved the Lobster truck but I’ll never wait on a line that long again. What’s your favorite?

Full list after the jump.

* Austin Grill (AGTruckDC)
* Bada Bing (badabingdc)
* BBQ Bandidos (BBQBandidos)
* BBQ Bus (bbqbusdc)
* Beach Fries (gotbeachfries)
* Big Cheese (bigcheesetruck)
* Cafe Vida Express (cafevidaexpress)
* CapMac (capmacdc)
* Carnivore BBQ (carnbbq)
* Curbside Cupcakes (curbsidecupcake)
* Dangerous Pies (dcpietruck)
* DC Empanadas (DCEmpanadas)
* DC Love Bites (DCLoveBites)
* DC Slices (dcslices)
* District of Pi (PiTruckDC)
* District Taco (districttaco)
* Doug The Food Dude (dougthefooddude)
* Dylan’s Downhome (dylansfoodtruck)
* Eat Wonky (eatwonky)
* El Floridano (flmeetsdc)
* Fojol Bros (fojolbros)
* Fry Captain (FryCaptain)
* Goode’s Mobile Kitchen (mobilekitchen)
* Halal Gyro Plus (Halalgyroplus)
* La Gloria Mexicana (lagloriamex)
* Maple Ave Xpress (Maple_Ave_147)
* Meathead Mobile Eatery (wheresthemeat)
* Pleasant Pops (pleasantpops)
* PORC (porcmobile)
* Red Hook Lobster Pound (LobstertruckDC)
* Sabor’a Street (Saborastreet)
* Sang On Wheels (SangOnWheels)
* Sauca (wheresauca)
* Sidewalk Sweets (sidewalksweets)
* SOL Mexican Grill (solmexicangrill)
* Solar Crepes (solarcrepes)
* Suburban Bros (SUBBros1)
* Sweetbites mobile café (sweetbitestruck)
* Sweetflow Mobile (sweetflowmobile)
* Takorean (takorean)
* Tasty Kabob (tastykabob)
* Top Dog (topdogtruck)
* Tops American Food Company (topstrucks)
* Yellow Vendor (yellowvendor & 1styellowvendor)

  • Tad

    Burrito Man John (i.e., Pedro & Vinny’s) at 15th and I Sts.

    • A

      ++++1 (wasn’t sure if it counts as a food ‘truck’ but it’s the 1st thing I thought of as well)

  • Alex

    I’ve tried quite a few at this point and District of Pi is my favorite. I didn’t even think I liked deep dish pizza before that truck came along. Its fantastic.

  • Dan

    Pleasant Pops! Great way to break up the work day.

    • truxtonite

      +1 for Pleasant Pops! I’d like the Dangerously Delicious Pie truck more if they didn’t charge $6.50 a slice, and TaKorean’s fillings are great, but the taste of cold corn tortillas is just blech to me.

      I’ve been dying to try Eat Wonky, but I never seem to be in the right place at the right time. One day…

    • mphs

      Eh. I prefer Tito’s Paletas, but he has a push cart not a truck.

  • Micah

    Gotta go with Cap Mac, for what comes around Union Station, at least. Friggin’ tasty.

  • Anonymous

    Have had DC Slices, Takorean, Red Hook, and CapMac so far. All were no worse than good. Lobster rolls were good but small and pricey. CapMac was the best bang for the buck so far.

  • Kev29

    Sauca – especially the lamb shawarma and the butter chicken

    • That’s What She


      sauca’s dynomite! and kev29, you’re right on with the recommendation. the shawarma is excellent, and the butter chicken’s the best i’ve ever had.

      ohhh, if only they were on my block RIGHT NOW :D

    • Anonymous

      I really wanted to like Sauca, until I saw a couple of their employees taking a smoke break and running their fingers through their hair without taking their gloves off first. And I have a hard time believing they went back in the truck and put on clean gloves.

      I’m sure this kind of stuff happens all the time, but damn, maybe try to make an effort to not let the whole world see it happening!

      • Sara

        well that’s funny because I found a hair in their food. So that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s a shame because it really is good.

    • Mony

      I usually get the fish taco or banh mi (which is nothing like a banh mi but still damn good)

  • Tres

    Weinermobile — pretty sure it’s fictional, but I’ll give it a wishful vote.

    • MAR

      What?! Weinermobile is for real…I’ve seen it with my own eyes atleast 3 times up and down the east coast.

  • ilovelulu

    I love food trucks but I think that they should get DC tags if they are spending days and some cases nights on working on our streets. Same thing for those little trailer carts that take up our side walks. I can’t believe that DC has allowed them to get away without some sort of apportionment based on source of revenue.

  • PG

    I’ve only tried three so far:

    DC Slices – decent, but $4 for a slice of pizza? Not worth it.

    Sauca – only had soup, and it was pretty good.

    Fojol Brothers – good, would be better if they had naan bread with it.

    Most of them don’t seem worth standing in long lines for, especially when there are quicker lunch options near me, for around the same price.

  • ceeps

    PORC – by *far* the best food truck by miles.

    I also have a soft spot for yellow vendor if i crave something spicy.

    • aa


  • PhartN

    Its a tie between the yellow truck and fojol bros for me….i have tried about 10 of them (which by your list isnt many i guess)….least favorite….eat wonky…next one for me to try will be pi on wheels…

  • SB

    I’ve loved all of the food trucks I’ve tried so far, although it’s a bit of a learning curve to know what to order.

    Curbside Cupcakes – AMAZING. Don’t like the Black Cupcake though, a little too rich for me. I love their Red Velvet and Raspberry Lemonade.

    Sauca – I’ve only ever tried the Med Veggie and it too is amazing. Their saffron rice is messy but delish.

    Big Cheese – Had a grilled cheese with carmelized onions that was super good, but their tomato soup sucks. This was pretty disappointing cause I love some good tomato soup.

    Fry Captain – I was annoyed cause they only had duck fat fries on hand and they charged the extra fee when we didn’t have a choice, and the fries were so-so. Their milkshakes are great though.

    I need to try Fojol Brothers and Takorean real soon!

  • Anonomi

    Yellow Truck

  • joker

    My favorite? One that pays actual DC Sales tax…so none.

    Nothing like a bunch of MD and VA businesses coming to DC for the day, raking in the dough and taking it home with them to be taxed there.

    Thank god the Council is in the process of rectifying the sales tax giveaway.

    • Marion

      But honestly, DC taxes are bit high with very little bang for my buck.

      • joker

        So you would rather businesses paid no sales tax at all?

        Let me guess…not a DC resident? Its the only way you could possible support the fleecing of the DC Treasury by a bunch of non-DC businesses.

        • Marion


          We, the consumers, pay the sales tax. But yes, ultimately employers suffer as well because taxes drive aways business.

          I am a DC resident; however, I am getting fleeced by DC income taxes, which is on top of what I am already paying in federal taxes. It would be less painful if the DC government weren’t taking our money and squandering it on needless raises for political appointees, hiring based on political deals, worthless street cleaning, rude bureaucrats, and phantom services.

    • Anon

      How are you so consistently so disgruntled? Is there anything that makes you happy?

      • joker

        Exactly how does wanting businesses who profit so handsomly from their business in DC, to pay the same freight as any other DC business qualify as being “disgrunted”?

        And as many people above have stated, these food trucks are expensive to boot. So they charge more and pay less. Well golly gee…what a novel business model.

        • Denizen of Tenallytown


          You bring up an interesting point. Aside from food trucks, what other services reside outside of DC, drive into DC and sell products or perform services, and do not pay DC sales tax?

          If these other business aren’t paying DC sales tax, do you avoid them altogether as well and deride them for fleecing the residents of DC?

          Examples – plumbers, A/C repair, computer repair, gardening services, painters, etc.

          • saf

            They pay DC sales tax.

        • Anon

          Its not the content, its the tone.

          I agree they should pay taxes. I dont find them overly expensive, since 7-10 bucks seems to be the going rate for sandwiches. You just always come off as disgruntled and angry.

          • joker

            And you always come off as indignant and judgemental. Your point?

            And to the point, 7-10 bucks is the going rate for sandwiches in brick/mortars who actually pay sales tax and who still seem to make some profit off the sale. The fact that the food trucks don’t pay the sales tax (or BID taxes)and still charge that much is pretty galling. Food is the same quality, just costs a lot more.

            As for the poster above, unless you are purchasing a “system” (i.e a new Central Air System” from your above examples, you aren’t paying sales tax. And yes, I go out of my way to find/use District businesses.

    • EW

      Food Trucks pay sales tax quarterly. A little more research on your part and not going by hear say would make you sound more intelligent.

  • SB

    Also, La Gloria Mexicana and Meathead no longer exist… see: http://www.arlnow.com/2011/05/04/food-truck-company-to-open-restaurant-on-the-pike/

  • RegO

    Fojol Bros, all day!!

  • anonymous

    blech, fojol blows. the lobster truck is decent but too pricey to eat at regularly. I haven’t really found one I’m crazy about yet. maybe I work too far from downtown.

  • hungeegirl

    EL FLORIDANO!!!!!!!

    • Q-Street

      +2, one point each for the pan con lechon and the banh mi.

  • C Money

    TaKorean FTW! Also a fan of CapMac, Sabora Street, and DC Slices. I’ve tried most of the ones that frequent downtown DC, but for a lot of them the price just isn’t worth the amount of food you get.

  • Sean

    I love Carnivore BBQ. Huge portion and awesome taste. Now only if they would serve cold pint with the sandwich I’d follow them all over the city.

  • Claire

    Food trucks are probably one of the main reasons I wish I worked in the city. Although it is probably good on my wallet that I don’t and thus bring my lunch every day instead. I’ve still managed to try: Red Hook, DC Slices, Yellow Vendor, Sweetflow, Pleasant Pops, and District of Pi. All good, but Yellow Vendor was definitely my favorite – both the tastiest and the best bang for your buck.

  • Anon

    No competition, Sauca.

    • Mony

      +100. Their flatbread sandwiches are easily my favorite lunch food in the city.

      I’d rank them in order of those I’ve had:
      Red Hook Lobster Pound
      Fry Captain
      El Floridano
      Yellow Vendor
      Fojol Bros
      Eat Wonky
      DC Slices

  • pluscachange

    1) CapMac DC
    2) RedHook Lobster Truck
    3) EatWonky

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe no one has said CARNIVORE BBQ.

    The brisket and their range of homemade sauces = yum.

    • Anonymous

      didn’t see Sean up there. Well played sir

  • Dan

    1. – El Floridano – excellent sandwiches
    2. – Sauca – consistently very good
    3. – Curbside Cupcakes – has amazing coffee <- this is a secret

  • Ben P

    I went on a Food Truck binge for a few weeks, and all of the trucks I have tried were either good or great. My experience is that if it sounds good to you, you’ll enjoy it. And who cares about waiting in line when it’s a nice day?

    Red Hook is the best but is wicked expensive. The two that I eat at the most are Takorean and El Floridano.

  • Bryan

    The El Floridano Banh Mi sandwich may be the best sandwich in history. The Pan con Lechon is awesome too, but the banh mi blows it out of the water.

    • Mony

      I guess I need to try the banh mi again, the one time I had it was average. Really like the pan con lechon though.

  • anotheranon

    Takorean was surprisingly bad.

  • saf

    * Big Cheese (bigcheesetruck)- I like this one.
    * CapMac (capmacdc)I don’t like Mac and Cheese, but I LOVE the chicken parm meatballs.
    * Curbside Cupcakes (curbsidecupcake)So good, especially the PB&J, raspberry lemonade, PB and chocolate, and cherry.
    * Dangerous Pies (dcpietruck) I love them, even though they are a bit pricey.
    * DC Slices (dcslices)It was fine.
    * El Floridano (flmeetsdc)I like the Cuban sandwich.
    * Meathead Mobile Eatery (wheresthemeat)I liked the pork bbq, and am sorry they closed.
    * PORC (porcmobile)This is my very favorite. I LOVE the pulled pork with PORC sauce.
    * Sauca (wheresauca)They are ok, and I eat the butter chicken pretty regularly, but not my favorite.
    * Sweetbites mobile café (sweetbitestruck)it’s ok, but I far prefer curbside.

    • saf

      And I tried a new one for lunch today – got BBQ beef, with noodles, at Sang on Wheels. It was tasty but HUGE.

      Had apple pie from the pie truck for lunch. Will be going back to the other pies. Apples were underdone, and the crust was soggy.

  • k

    Agreed that Yellow Vendor is definitely most bang for your buck! I also enjoy CapMac. And apparently I am the only one who thinks Curbside Cupcakes are sub-par?

  • Owner

    Carnivore BBQ is amazing.

  • L

    Sabor’a Street! It is so good. It’s a new(ish) truck that has Latin inspired street food…it is delicious. Everyone should check it out

  • Samantha

    I work at 20th & L, and probably 3/5 days a (work) week, there is a truck within one block so I have gotten to try many of the trucks. (I am usually too lazy to walk to Farragut Square where so many reside.) My opinions:

    1. Takorean – I did not care for it. Bland and not enough filling.
    2. Lobster Truck – It is expensive if you get the lobster, which is wonderful, but a less expensive option is the shrimp roll for $8 and I found it to be really delicious.
    3. Grilled Cheese – Had the Midnight Moon/caramelized onions sandwich and it was delish and filling
    4. Sauca truck – had the lamb shwarma, it was very tasty and included an interesting kick of some pickles.
    5. DC Slices – I haven’t actually tried their pizza but they have three types of tater tots: cajun, old bay, and pizza, which has pizza sauce and mozzarella on it. I had the old bay ones and they were wonderful, fantastically crispy tots.
    6. Dangerously Delicious Pies – I had the chicken pot pie and was a little underwhelmed. I also find the price to be rather high for what you get.
    7. PORC – Pulled pork was super tasty. They also had a sloppy joe sandwich and pastrami sandwich available and I would definitely go back.
    8. DC Empanadas – Hit or miss. I like some of them, like the traditional, the Ropanada and the La Venganza de Tio Shawn, but really don’t care for their vegetarian ones, especially the El Greco with spinach and waaaay too much feta.

    The cost of the trucks to my regular lunch at a hot food bar or Pret is about the same. They’re all around $6-7 for the main food plus $1 or so each for chips and a soda. So it isn’t necessarily a cheaper option but as someone who has worked in the same office for almost 7 years, I am thrilled to have more options and try new places.

    • MK

      Agreed – cost of the ones I’ve tried is the same as the cafeteria as work, but it’s nice to have the variety (and excuse to get outside on a nice day!)
      Had RedHook Lobster truck the other day (the shrimp roll) and loved it – the sodas and whoopie pies were awesome too – probably enjoyed that part even more than the shrimp roll.

  • Food trucks that have come onto the market the past year have made eating lunch in SW Federal Ghetto far less grim than it used to be. Here are capsule assessments of several I’ve tried, listing in decreasing order of preference:

    El Floridano — The turkey meatloaf banh mi may sound bizarre, but it is an awesome sandwich — a great mixture of flavors and textures, and huge to boot.

    Carnivore BBQ — Its Chevy pick up truck is not much to look at, but it produces a flavorful, substantial BBQ brisket sandwich.

    PORC — Very nice pulled pork. The operators are friendly, and the line always moves quickly.

    Solar Crepes — They’re generally only in Rosslyn, but they make an excellent crepe. Not for those in a hurry.

    Red Hook Lobster Truck — If you can get them late in their service, when the line is not epic length, the shrimp roll is well worth trying. While the lobster roll is tasty, it is too little food for the money.

    Dangerously Delicious Pies — They serve an excellent slice of chicken pot pie. Based on the crust, I imagine the fruit pies are good too, but I can’t justify that many calories for lunch.

    Cap Mac — The penne with chicken meat balls is a nice, homey meal. But too often the line is long and moves slowly.

    Sang on Wheels — Good, spicy drunken noodles. But the Lao meetballs that accompany them don’t add much.

    Sauca — Started out well. But over time, their prices went up and the portion sizes diminished. Not always very consistent.

    TaKorean — I only tried them once. Meh.

  • PetworthRes

    Bring food trucks to the Union Station area!! I work in a very densely packed office/tourist neighborhood and we hardly get any food trucks. Meanwhile any halfway decent lunch spot has lines outside the door and the horrible food court in Union Station is a mob scene.

    We get a cupcake truck fairly often and I’ve seen Sauca once (it was very good) and the Lobster truck came to NOMA once (no thanks – mayo phobia). Would love to encourage more food trucks around here!

    • AA

      Since I started working in NOMA in April, the Lobster truck has visited twice, and the lines were long enough for us to earn a regular spot in the rotation. (Order the Connecticut style, it’s mayo free.) Fojol and Sweetbites also visited. Based on Food Truck Fiesta, PORC is out today.

  • emmy

    PORC is so delicious. The pulled pork is incredible and they have great customer service. I will walk long distances to get my PORC fix.

  • Anonymous

    The spiedies and cheesesteaks from the Bada Bing truck are incredible. They’ve stuck to the Orange Line in Arlington for the most part, though.

    • Florista

      Bada Bing guys are great – as a former Binghamtonian, I know my spiedies! When I first met them, they were only licensed to work in VA but were working on getting the proper DC permits, etc. Spiedies make excellent food truck fare!

  • MD

    The best vegetarian friendly trucks:
    1) Yellow Truck
    2) PiTruck
    3) Sol
    4) Dangerously Delicious Pies

    Worst Truck: Big Cheese. Soggy bread with minimal cheese and the most horrible tomato soup.

  • photodork

    Love Red Hook Lobster

  • PG

    I tried PORC for lunch today. Good pulled pork sandwich, but a little bit greasy. Nice sauce, and they served it on the side. I also liked the vinegar based slaw (mayonaise is evil!)

  • Em

    Curbside Cupcakes is my favorite (I have a lemon cupcake for dessert for today). Sweetbites pales in comparison and I am sorry that I ever spent money on their cupcakes.

    Just finished a sandwich from Big Cheese and it was great. The soup is decent, too – a little spicy and a bit thinner than the Campbells of my youth. The line wasn’t bad, but because they cook your sandwich to order people stand around waiting (and thus it is sometimes unclear who is in line and who is waiting on a sandwich).

    Fojol – excellent curried + awesome lassi pops.

    Sweetflow mobile with fro-yo and toppings – also a winner.

  • Anonymous

    Went down to “Farragut Friday” today and while I am sort of sad I work up closer to Dupont and it’s a bit of a walk, I’m sort of happy it’s not closer so I can somewhat resist temptation.

    Curbside Cupcakes – love them but had to unsubscribe from the feeds when I started eating them way too frequently

    Sweetbites – got a cupcake from them today and have lowered my expectations after some of the comments. We’ll see.

    El Floridano – went for the first time today with the Pan con Lechon and the guava sauce was delicious. Sounds like I need to go back to try the Cuban and Bahn Mi

    Lobster Truck – stood in line for an hour the first day, and while it was good, definitely not worth the price or the wait

    Yellow Truck – went to this way before food trucks were popular and remember it being really good and a lot of food for the money. Need to check it out again.

    Austin Grill – didn’t eat there, but they were giving away free wings today. Burned my tongue, but were decent. Probably wouldn’t actually order.

    Sauca – The one toffle I got was burned and tasted like cooking gas, but I’ve still wanted to try their sandwiches (esp the butter chicken).

    I don’t think any of the trucks could really be considered cheap, but I think they’re about on par with other lunch options around town. For a basic meal or sandwich you’ll end up paying $6-7 and adding a couple bucks for drinks and/or sides. No different than Cosi, Panera, Potbellys, etc.

  • Anonymous

    El Floridiano is hands down, by far, the only food truck option I’ll go out of my way for.

    The rest are a bunch of mediocre slop-buckets.

  • J Ro

    Fojol Bros and Red Hook are tied. Both declicious.

  • Steve

    PORC is easily the best of the bunch. While I love their fantastic ‘cue, the sausages they serve once in awhile (like the merguez I had earlier this week) are amazing.


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