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Champions League Final: Manchester United vs. FC Barcelona this Sat.

by Prince Of Petworth May 27, 2011 at 4:30 pm 18 Comments

From an email:

I just wanted to give you a head’s up for this weekend’s big Champions League Final, featuring two of the most decorated franchises in European club football history! The final will be held live from Wembley Stadium in London on Saturday, May 28 at 2:45 p.m. We’ve ( Touchdown DC 1334 U St, NW) decided to split our bar to accommodate both fan bases, with Manchester fans on the second floor and Barca supporters on the first floor! Should provide for a great atmosphere! $3 Bud, Bud Light, and Modelo Especial, along with a constant stream of pitchers and cheap eats!

  • Angus

    Looooooove me a bit of European Footsy! I WILL BE THERE in my MAN U kit!!!

  • DCBlue

    And it’s ARSENAL!
    Arsenal FC!
    We’re the greatest…

    Oh, wait… no we’re not. Maybe next year. Death to Scum United and Barcescuma.

    • jen

      +1. I’m only watching on the off chance that there will be a disaster at the stadium that maims all players and managers.

  • ST

    MU will prevail and I know this because we’ve got the second floor.

  • aaron-anonymous

    Messi is a soccer god who will smite Manchester United with great fury.

  • h street landlord

    Messi had a weak WC.

    • aaron-anonymous

      Messi has scored 52 goals in his last 54 games.

  • bwa

    Isn’t soccer a sport for 5 year olds?

    • Anonymous

      yes! 5 and up!

    • RL

      Ah yes, the most popular sport in the world that only 5 year olds like.

      Also, its called football.

      • Anonymous

        it’s called soccer here. learn the local language. and yes, it is indeed the most popular sport on the planet earth.

        • RL

          But your talking about the UEFA Champions league final.

          UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations.

          • Anonymous

            so did you not the CCCP the Soviet Union?

            i suppose you could call it European Football.

          • Anonymous

            The term “soccer” was originally invented and used in England. Not sure why they abandoned it, but the idea that stupid Americans came up with the term is misinformed.

    • Rock Creek Runner

      why is jim rome trolling dc blogs?

      • Rock Creek Runner

        ah, that was meant to be in response to bwa

      • duderonimo

        Jim Rome’s [ASS] is burning.

  • greent

    Was a great game. The better team won. Barca played incredibly. Messi is phenom. Xavi is a master.

    Football, Soccer, Footie, Association Football. Nothing brings out the battle scum about what to call it and who owns the word “football”. It’s not insulting to have american football and association football and rugby football and Aussie rules football and gaelic football… damn, there’s alot of football in the world, ain’t there.


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