Car Crash at 11th and Euclid St, NW Involving Police Officers Around 9pm Mon. Night

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2011 at 9:14 pm 27 Comments

A reader sends in the above photo and writes:

“Police Car Chase gone bad 2 police cars collide @ 11/Euclid and end up in yard of the house on the corner”

@dcfireems writes around 9pm:

“Update – MVC – 11th St & Euclid St NW – invovles 2 Police vehicles – EMS evaluating several inj officers”

I hope the officers are ok. More info when it becomes available.

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  • Jay S

    It does look like something that might happen as a result of a car chase…which is why I understand MPD doesn’t do them.

    • BP

      Wonderful Policy! Let the criminals get away!

      • GCK

        A high-speed car-chase in an urban environment puts innocent bystanders at high risk of death or injury. It makes about as much public-policy sense as shooting into a crowd to stop a fleeing suspect.

        If the MPD’s policy is “no high-speed chases”, I applaud them for their admirably principled restraint.

        • saf

          I think it is, overall a good policy.

          (Several years ago, my car was hit along with 4 others, by kids in a stolen car fleeing from the police. I understand they hit multiples cars at other sites along the chase route. It could have been very bad. Luckily, it was only sorta bad.)

        • Native American JD

          So does shooting at criminals who are brandishing weapons. Should police not shoot because it might put bystanders at risk?

          • Anonymous

            I assumed that the “JD” means you’re smart, but this is a dumb straw argument.

            There’s a risk judgement involved. The risk of someone hurting another person who’s brandishing a weapon is very high. The risk that someone fleeing in a stolen car will cause an accident is somewhat high, but that’s not their direct intent (Which is to flee). However, that risk increases exponentially with a car chase as the thief tries to evade capture.

            Also, radio calls still travel faster than any vehicle can.

      • Anonymous

        YEAH let’s set police policies by what somebody on the internet thinks is effective at catching criminals rather than by looking at research on the costs and benefits of car chases!

  • Anonymous

    Must be still chasing the loose dog from the Yes Market. About 12 cops were involved with that one, almost closed Georgia Avenue. Amazing the look of urgency on their faces.

  • gonzo

    mystery solved. a lot of activity down on V and 11th…seemed like they were working on a raid and then they all disappeared, going the wrong way on a one way street.

    • RH

      The incident at 11th and V last night was a stolen iPhone. I guy was walking home, talking on it when a stocky, 5 ft 8 African American male came from behind and grabbed it out of his hands.

      I was on the other side of the street, heard the victim yell, saw the suspect flee and called 911. We followed the guy to 13th and Florida and then lost sight of him.

      He was a stocky dude with a beard, white koofi hat, white T-shirt, army green shorts, black sneakers with red details on them.

      I hope the cops catch him.

  • dcmer610

    The unmarked car FLEW down Euclid and we heard a huge pop before coming on this scene. I’ve never seen that many cop cars in once place….

  • jt

    I don’t usually chime in on stuff like this, but I think people might want to at least wait to find out whether anyone was injured before offering their frank views about the (DCM)PD.

  • Slick Pullah

    I took pics too.
    I live at 1030 Euclid street and saw the whole the whole thing happen.

    One police car was racing up Sherman ave and then another up 11th.

    I’m guessing that the car up 11th crashed into the unmarked at the intersection and collided.

    • photodork

      Why do you have to guess if you saw the whole thing happen?

  • alex

    just got back from the scene. so it wasn’t a car chase. officers were responding to another officer’s request for assistance and two police cars (one marked and one unmarked) collided at the corner of 11th and euclid. the unmarked was pretty badly hit on the front, the marked car was hit on the driver’s side door and slid between two traffic light posts and ended up in the corner house’s yard (northeast corner). according to an officer at the scene, both officers were transported to a hospital but are fine. my roommate and i were just interviewed by fox 5. we put in some free advertising for PoP, since we both heard the accident (our windows were open) and then read the post on PoP! so every news watcher will know that PoP is more timely than the news.

    • Tres

      Yeah, blogs are by the people, for the people to a greater degree than straight news — especially as far local events go. Makes everyone into a potential town cryer.

      You, Boehner — I learned it from watching you!

    • CE

      Glad to hear the officers are all right!

  • Anonymous

    are they filming a new transformers movie?

  • Eli

    I saw cop cars flying down Florida around that time last night. I wondered at the time whether they were going too fast. I hope no officer was seriously injured.

  • Anomynous

    Hey, at least they’re out there busting their butts (and cars). With the sheer number of calls they have to rapidly respond to, I bet the accident average is pretty low.

  • frustrated

    I was driving down 6th street on Sunday evening when a car headed towards me decided to cross fully into my lane coming straight at me. I, believing firmly that it is important that people drive on the right while in this country, laid on the horn. The driver pulled back into his lane and yelled at me as he passed. I looked at him, astonished that he thought I was in the wrong, and realized that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and that the car was an Impala. What’s interesting is that my roommate had the same experience last week driving in SE where an unmarked police car (with no lights/siren) started driving towards her in her lane. I don’t know what MPD policy is on this, but cops driving like a$$holes without lights/sirens make me furious.

    • petvet

      Two similar incidences have happened to me recently where the police car did not have his siren on. I turn right on a street and found myself face to face with a police car yelling at me to get out of the way. So I had to back up into the intersection to let him pass. Not very safe and could have been avoided if the siren was on.

  • M

    This is exactly why bikers have to be careful not to fly through stoplights & stop signs — may not seem like someone is coming in the other direction, but you never know when an unmarked police car might decide to take you out.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s why we see all those reports about cops hitting cyclists…

  • MtP

    A lot of states have regulations against high speed chases. In Maryland, only State Troopers are allowed to chase motorists and no other city or county cops have the permission to do so.

    High speed chases can be very very risky for bystanders, specially in an urban environment.

    • Stuart Wigwam

      It’s even more dangerous for bystanders who are pushing baby strollers, manning fruit pushcarts, or delivering plate glass.

  • Ben

    Here’s, to my knowledge, how it went down. The unmarked car was speeding southbound down sherman ave with no lights on (headlights or other). I know because my friend and I were about to cross the street and had to get the hell out of the way. Unmarked turned right on Euclid, was hit by cruiser at intersection of 11 and Euclid, and cruiser ended up in the corner of the house and the porch. Both cars were pointed North at their final resting position.


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