• Anonymous

    It’s the guy who took out OBL.

    • Annon


    • er


  • PG

    It’s a still from the direct to dvd movie, Green Hornet II: Electric Boogaloo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m more interested in the hot guy in front drinking coffee.

    • n


    • Anonymous

      Well there you have it, men: your hotness will not be judged on your face at all. You can wear sunglasses and carry a cup in front of your face all you want. As long as you have a visible ear and some discernable muscles in your elbow, you are hereby considered “hot”.

      • anon

        haha… was thinking the same thing.

      • Sara

        Unfortunately there is not much selection for us women in DC, so this is what we are left with.

        • Anonymous

          If this one isn’t gay that is….

        • Alien

          And apparently having a “bad skin day” that can be seen clearly through a low-res image doesn’t take you out of the running either.

          Yes, it is a good city to be a guy. The few, the proud, the heterosexual men with at least average hygiene skills and no criminal record.

      • Anonymous

        Nice guns coffee boy. That pack looks awfully bulky. May I search your suspicious package?

    • Anony Mous


  • wdc

    looks kinda like the crazy dude who runs backwards in the middle of the street hooting all the time.

    • Anonymous

      My office is on North Captial and H street so yeah, that guy passes by around 1 PM and again around 3 PM running backwards, and circling around during traffic stops, hotting at all times. He must be very fit.

  • Chester

    “Phantom of FIVE GUYS”????


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