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Alero Outdoor Seating Looking Good in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2011 at 11:30 am 15 Comments

Wow, I didn’t realize the Alero in the Tivoli at 3345 14th St, NW had such a huge outdoor seating area. I think it really improves the feel of that section of 14th St, NW. It’ll be interesting to see if the Z burger adds some outdoor seating options as well. I wonder why the Ruby Tuesday doesn’t offer an outdoor seating option? The large sidewalk seems custom designed for outdoor seating.

  • cookietime420

    Yea, it’s pretty sweet. It definitely pushes the public street vibe north. I ate there before seeing a performance at the Gala and it was perfect. Nothing like eating dinner 50 feet from the theater’s entrance!

  • Truth

    Ruby Tuesday’s does not have outdoor seating because most patrons are embarrassed to be seen eating there.

    • Anonymous

      I would rather be seen eating there than Alero…

      • Chris


        It definitely looks fabulous!

      • Truth

        Alero’s is Mexican food. I am not sure why everyone seems to hate on it. I think most people actually just don’t like Mexican food. Fajitas and margaritas are good and how badly can you really mess up a taco? Tastes the same as every where else.

        • mphs

          No, it doesn’t taste the same as everywhere else. You could walk 100 yards north and get authentic tacos as Distrito Federal. Give it a try.

          • David

            It is apples and oranges.

            I love Distrito Federal (especially the one on Kennedy), BUT I am glad to see a more mid-market place go into Tivoli.

            Rumbero’s and other upmarket places are failing in Colhts, and we don’t need vacant storefronts. If the hipsters are too cool for Ruby’s and Alero, don’t go there. If you look inside those places, you’ll note a demographic difference in clienetelle, so clearly a neighborhood function is being served.

            Besides, I don’t mind a cheap salad bar every once in awhile. Most importantly, TDF and Alero comparisons are ridiculous – it is apples and oranges. I would go to Alero for a completely different reason than I would go to TDF.

            The new Dominican place on Park is pretty awesome, BTW. And it is shady looking, so I’m sure the hipsters will be excited.

        • MtP

          Aleros is far from Mexican food

      • I would rather be seen eating there than Alero…

        I’d rather eat just about anywhere other than Alero.

  • PetworthRes

    My hope is that the outdoor seating trend continues all the up to 14th and Spring and beyond. There are awesome wide sidewalks for blocks north of DCUSA on 14th Street that could really turn that into a hip little dining corridor.

    • JP

      Yeah hopefully the new coffee shop, that other new restaurant (Zeba Grill or something?), and whatever goes into Social’s old space all have some sort of outdoor seating options. Imagine a strip of patios from The Heights to the Red Derby! Ok, that could be a little excessive, but a few more patios would be great!

      • dp

        I hope for this every. single. day.

  • I saw that the forthcoming kabob place or whatever it will be, under the yoga studio, just put in a request to have outdoor seating. Can’t see inside but it does seem like a lot of work has been going on there, hopefull it will be open for the summer.

    As for Alero, the outside space is indeed really nice. Too bad the interior is so hideously ugly (and unfortunately replaced what was the nicest interior space in CH, I mean, what the HECK were they thinking??) and the food is so bad. Many better Mexican food options in the area, and at none of them do you feel like you are eating in a lounge from the early 90’s. But for a drink on a nice day outdoors? Yeah, I’d sit there …

    • Newish2CH

      Alero’s outdoor patio is fine if you want to enjoy a nice evening with a margarita and so-so Mexican food. I agree with mphs about Distrito Federal. That place is amazing, and cheap! If they served margaritas that place would be everything I need in a Mexican restaurant.

      While we’re on the topic of Alero, has anyone else noticed the profoundly strange outwork that lines the walls? It’s all pop art of famous people and characters, but a lot of them are bizarre, like the beefcake rendering of Harry Potter (ew!) and the painting right next to it that depicts The Tigernator (essentially Tiger Woods as the Terminator). The only thing I can think when I see the art is W.T.F?

      • anonymouse

        unbelievably terrible art at all their locations. don’t forget the winking sarah palin. and have you looked at the prices… $2000 +


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