• Jack


  • anon

    The Waffen ATF are having a Chinese Fire Drill.

  • Anonymous

    NOW it’s a real neighborhood.

  • John K.

    GSA and ATF are near there so I doubt it was a threat against the Hilton. Unless it came from the Marriott a block away.

    • Anonymous

      the fire truck is right in front of the hilton.

  • Anonymous

    it’s probably a threat against watershed for having such a lame brunch.

    • KJ

      Hotel staff entered room 1102 and found crazy messages written everywhere… “pray for us all,” and something about a bomb and capitol hill. Everyone was evacuated and about 3o minutes later a bald guy in a wife-beater started peeking out of his blinds and staring at the crowd. Hotel employees confirmed this was not the room and probably not the guy, but it freaked everyone out and they moved the crowd back another couple blocks

  • Anonymous

    I had a meeting over there a week ago and security was MAD tight around all those federal buildings, way more than in the past.


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