Timor Bodega Becomes FieldtoCity in Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth — April 12, 2011 at 4:30 pm 14 Comments

From an email:

“Announcing FieldtoCity, a 7 day/week local grocery delivery service

A specialty online grocery store that offers locally sourced goods (like those you’d find at the Dupont Farmer’s Market) is now serving your area with delivery seven days a week. FieldtoCity.com delivers milk, meat and produce as well as beer and wine to your doorstep the same day that you place an order on our website. Seasonal fare such as pasture-laid eggs and vegetables from local farms are listed on their frequently updated online shopping cart. We guarantee all our products, including beer and wine.”

Their Web site says:

FieldtoCity is the first District of Columbia-based business to present a selection of locally and seasonally sourced products on a user-friendly website and combines a simple ordering process with a highly professional, same-day delivery service.

Our use of the internet enables rapid delivery of local food products, meaning ultimate freshness. Our online shopping cart can be navigated within a matter of minutes– a few clicks, basic contact info, and your order is on the way! We update our product offerings daily, so during the Mid Atlantic growing season, it’s possible for our produce to be sold the same day that it leaves the farm. That is the essence of FTC.

You can find more info here.

Wow this is huge news. Timor Bodega, which I once called the greatest bodega in the city was located at 1818 2nd Street NW. For the regulars will you miss the bodega or will the online service be just as good? [Apparently the storefront will remain open, even better.] The good news is now folks who live in other neighborhoods can take advantage as well.

  • MSF

    So…what’s happening to Timor? We used to stop by there after the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. Is he setting up shop someplace else?

    • AA

      It’s the same store and owner. Just changing the name and services.

  • MS

    This sounds incredible – sign me up!

  • KH

    Kim Wee (the owner) has said that the Timor storefront (now called Field to City) will remain open for business in addition to online and delivery service.

    This is great news for the rest of the city–Field to City has some of the best local goods and produce around! You gotta try the yogurt, it is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Prices don’t look too shabby! If only their in-store pickup were closer.

  • Anonymous

    Will they include CDs, cigarettes, and ice cream? Man I miss kozmo.

    • mmm

      Best comment ever.

    • Louise

      Me too!!! Bring kozmo back!!

      • Jaynuze

        only if they re-institute the Lee Majors commercial (where he races the delivery guy) along with it!

    • Andy(2)

      I loved the .com era – people on bikes to deliver you beer and snacks in under an hour.

  • DB

    Fix the blog post. The bodega (storefront) still exists and are open for business. Delivery is a new service Kim is offering.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Don’t boss me! But it’s fixed.

  • Thanks Dan!! We are indeed still open for business at our current location. New sign coming soon…

  • Chris

    Go Bloomingdale!!!!!!!!!!! :))


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