Scuttlebutt Confirmed: Chipotle’s Asian Themed Restaurant – Shophouse – Opening up in Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2011 at 10:32 pm 26 Comments

Back in the end of Feb. I shared some scuttlebutt saying that a Shophouse would be coming to 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW next to the BGR on the north side of Dupont Circle. We noted that back in Nov. ’10 it was widely reported that Chipotle would be opening up a series of Asian themed restaurants in 2011, likely to be called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen.  I’m happy to say that the scuttlebutt we heard at the end of Feb. is the real deal.

A recent liquor license application posted at 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW says:

“Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

New Southeast Asian Restaurant with recorded background music. Total Seating is 40. Total Occupancy Load is 50.”

We’ll def. be revisiting when they open.

  • MexicanNinja

    Ok, so at Chipotle it kinda makes sense to have a majority of employees being Latin American workers – so will Shophouse have majority of employees be Asian American workers or will it also end up being mostly Latin Americans also?

    • Wilton

      Like at Chipotle, the concept is probably simple enough that it won’t really require people with any particular culinary background to prep the food.

    • steve

      probably since there are more Latinos in food service in this city. most of the sushi chefs I see are Latin anyway…

  • Jim

    any idea what’s opening on the intersection of 20th, O ST, and New Hampshire. Across the street from the Front page.

  • CMG Scam

    CMG stated that they would open 1 test Asian themed restaurant in 2011.

    I don’t know where you get the idea that there would be “a series of Asain themed restaurants” opened in 2011.

    the CEO said 1.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it’s owned by Chipotle, which puts it on the boycott list as well.

    • rabble

      please tell us what is wrong with chipotle, hippie.

      • Anonymous

        what’s wrong with boycotts, dandy?

      • anon

        They’re racist because they don’t allow illegal immigrants to work in their restaurants. They hate brown people!!!

    • Billy Bob

      Why boycott Chipotle for following the law?

      • abolitionist

        i hope you recognize the irony of that.

  • Yeah, Right

    The fact that they don’t hire illegal immigrants to work in their business is not evidence of racism. It meanss that they are complying with Federal immigration laws and making sound business judgemnts. When ICE hauls off half your workers, it tends to disrupt operations. Your comment = FAIL.

  • Billy Bob

    Yeah, Right,

    I believe the comment was satirical.

  • Does anyone else think Shophouse is a terrible name? Sounds like an online office supply house circa the early internet.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like it was coined by someone who doesn’t have a really good grasp on the English language.

  • PG

    Since it’s not the regular Chipotle, will they have to come out with a new version of ChipotlAway for the blood stains?

  • Anonymous

    My former roommate, a Chiptole manager, invited me to their Christmas party and I was the only non-Latino there. They clearly don’t hate brown people, or at least the legal ones.

    • This was probably before they started disrespecting their workers.

      • Anonymous

        Well that was sudden…

  • Anonymous

    Wait, I thought chipotle was owned by McDonalds. Is that not the case anymore?

    • Anonymous

      It hasn’t been owned by McDonalds for years but that comment comes up every time we discuss Chipotle here

    • zcf

      I only remember McDonalds spinning off 20% of Chipotle about 6 years ago… When did Mcdonalds sell the rest of it?

      • Anonymous

        From Wikipedia:

        From 1998 to 2006, McDonald’s Corporation owned a majority interest in Chipotle, which it fully divested in 2006.[12]

  • This is an interesting website: http://shophousesoutheastasiankitchen.com


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