Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

On Wednesday night, April 27, my dad, my boyfriend, and I were walking from Wonderland to my apartment. Walking down 11th st around 11:30 PM, two African -American men, in their twenties in dark clothes followed us for a while. Once we were crossing Monroe on 11th, they walked away from us toward 13th street so we ignored our odd feelings about them following us too close. As we crossed Monroe to continue down 11th to Otis Pl, they hurried up behind us and the taller one pulled his hood over his head and came behind my boyfriend, while the smaller one (about 5’10”) came up in front of my father and me and took out a gun, telling us to give them our wallets and phones. At no point did they yell or curse, they really drew very little attention to themselves except pointing a gun at my stomach and at my father. They took our wallets and phones, and my father’s keys, and patted down my boyfriend looking for anything he had. They then turned around and ran in the opposite direction (toward Monroe, away from Otis), and when my dad hollered at them asking for his keys so he could get home, they threw them down on the pavement as they ran. It was an odd and frightening experience, and we called the police. Just wanted to let people know what was going on in case anyone can use the information to protect themselves.”


“Dear PoP,

I wanted to pass on a pretty scary occurrence from Saturday night/Sunday morning. I’m sure at least one commenter will make a comment about drinking/being aware of your surroundings, but that’s ok. I mean this more as a PSA regarding safety in our city.

I was walking home from a bar on 18th street at a little after 2 on Sunday morning. I know Ontario/Champlain/Kalorama streets are notoriously dangerous late at night, so I opted for a different route, cutting down Florida, up 16th, and took left onto Belmont. From my recollection, I encountered a group of teens halfway up the hill. They did not ask for any money, etc, but just started punching. I did not fight back, and they eventually stopped hitting me, took my keys, cash, and cell phone and took off.

I went to the ER yesterday morning and was really lucky – no bleeding in the brain, no broken bones. Just a really badly bruised face, and some stitches in an ear. A police report has been filed, and I’m sure they will step up patrols of the area.

Just wanted everyone to know what happened and where to help keep others safe.”

And from the Brookland listserv last night under the heading armed robbery:

“Dear neighbors,
I got robbed at gunpoint this evening walking the 2 blocks from Brookland Metro to my house. Be careful out there …. and if you run across a big teal blue ratty looking shoulder bag, please let me know. Maybe they didn’t keep my library book.”


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