Lost Dog Last Seen Around 17th and T St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — April 9, 2011 at 9:59 am 13 Comments


Washington, DC, DC 20009. Sassy was lost during a walk. She has been seen on 17th and T St, NW heading north.

Right eye is partially blue.
Please call us or City Dogs (202)234-9247!
We love her and want her home!
She receives 1ml potassium bromide x2 a
day to control seizures.

If Found, Please Call 1-888-466-3242
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  • Anon

    oh no! i hope you find your doggie soon 🙁 i live not far away and will be on the lookout, and have posted to my Facebook in hopes friends in the neighborhood might see too. good luck.

  • DC Lady

    I hope she is found!

  • victoria

    Hoping for a quick homecoming! Also some info on how she got lost so others might avoid the trauma? My dog once spooked at a loud motorcycle – bolted and actually broke the plastic handle off the leash. (It was cracked – so there’s some advice.) Dogs (and kids) can do unexpectedly crazy things and it’s always good to learn something new.

  • and also

    Earlier today I saw a vehicle in Logan Circle that had a large picture of (I think) this dog as well as a sign listing a “Pet Detective” business.


  • queenedix

    Any update on this little lady? I don’t live in the area but I hope she is found, I mentioned her to a few friends who live around there!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Unfortunately, last I heard on Sun. they are still looking for her.

  • Anonymous

    I just parked behind an SUV with a big picture and LOST DOG sign on Q, and then holy moly got home and got a ROBOCALL about Sassafras! Who did they hire, Ace Ventura?

  • There was a post on the capitolhilldc listserv about a dog who maybe could be this sweet girl.

    At about 615PM today(Sunday) we saw a dog running near the northbound entrance
    to the 3rd st tunnel,he then stopped and tuned back and ran back towards the 395
    expressway, we called 911 and got out of the car and tried to follow it by foot
    but he disappeared.
    looked like a corgi beagle mix ,had what looked like a chest harness.

    Email address on post is bluemax12003 at yahoo dot com

  • noonie

    Has Sassafras been found? I am really crossing my fingers for her and her owners …

  • David

    The ad seems to have been written by City Dogs since the only phone numbers are for them and the microchip service. My question: did City Dogs lose this dog in the first place while THEY were walking her? If so, scary.

    • RR


      • RR

        One of their dog walkers lost her

  • David

    Awful! That’s my worst fear with having a dogwalker. I’d be curious to hear from the owners of the dog and their take on what really happened. Being a current client of City Dogs, it doesn’t give me much confidence in them. Anyone know of other good walkers in DC?


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