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H St. NE Scuttlebutt: Owners of Fly Lounge Purchase Property on the 1300 Block?

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2011 at 10:30 am 22 Comments

On my walkabout last weekend I heard some very interesting scuttlebutt about the property currently covered by netting above that will sit next to the future Evolve headquarters. I heard that the property was bought/leased by the owners of Fly Lounge. Fly Lounge is the Dupont club located at 1802 Jefferson Place NW just off Connecticut Ave, NW. Their Web site says:

Cruising at 30,000 feet can be a rush.

Such is the rush that will be felt by passengers at Fly Lounge a streamlined, destination lounge for the ever-mobile elite.

Transporting guests to new realms with non-stop service nightly, Fly Lounge embodies all the elements of the proverbial private escape.

As a late night connection, Fly Lounge will offer a 5 day a week flight plan to accommodate the most discretionary of tastes. From the early night rendezvous to the Red Eye shuttle, Fly Lounge will offer a roundtrip ticket to paradise.

I have also heard from other folks that there will be some sort of dance/dj component to this space. Anyone else hearing these rumors?

Well at the very least it looks like the building will make for an interesting ‘judging buildings’ discussion soon:

  • SF

    Ugh. Sounds like douchebag central.

    • Anonymous

      Flies start out as maggots, you know.

    • Anonymous

      It is.

    • RegO

      Ah, Fly Lounge sucks!! Definitely hope that this place is nothing like that, it won’t fit the neighborhood. Actually, it won’t fit any neighborhood because Fly Lounge sucks (oh I already mentioned that). It would be good if it was more on the lines of ESL (live music, DJ’s, open 5-7 days).

      • Anonymous

        + a million

        I would LOVE to have something like ESL on the Hill!

  • Dr Pangloss

    Such is the rush that will be felt by passengers at Fly Lounge a streamlined, destination lounge for the ever-mobile elite…

    Genius. If anyone’s looking for a definition of “douchebag”, it’s “person to whom this description appeals.

  • mmm

    I loathe fly, but have heard descriptions of the new H St spot and it sounds like it will be quite different (for the better).

    • SF

      There’s definitely room for a dance club on H, but I hope they don’t cater to the $40/two drink drinking, muscle shirt wearing, velvet rope bypassing, name dropping, VIP-section seeking toolboxes who don’t reside anywhere near H street.

      • dt

        There are already dance clubs on H St: Rock & Roll Hotel, LMW, Sticky Rice, Rose’s Dream… it’s easy to get your dance on if you want to. This sounds like the worst of L2/Lima douchebaggery and I can’t imagine many actual locals patronizing it.

        What we need are more chill places for real music like HR-57, and non-bar/restaurant daytime retail THAT’S OPEN PAST 5PM AND ON WEEKENDS.

    • Anonymous

      I hope so. It would be nice to have something more loungey in the neighborhood– the hipster joints just aren’t my thing.

      Besides, I can’t really see the Fly crowd coming out to H Street. They seem like the type that would be scared of gritty neighborhoods.

  • Jay

    Should fit right in. Doesn’t get much douchier than planned gentrification.

    • Dr Pangloss

      What about unplanned gentrification?

  • Anonymous

    You know what would be awesome… if they recreated club Red (former occupant of Fly’s space) on H Street. I still miss that place.

    • mmm


  • Campy

    sweet (not really)

  • Anonymous

    Agree with comments that people looking for trendy lounges and expensive drinks are probably not familiar with h ST and may be too scurred to check out a neighborhood they deem to be “sketchy”. All the better in my opinion. Once u ST became less “gritty” in the eyes of the same people, the crowd got douchier. Hopefully h ST has a few more years at least until this happens.

  • Anonymous

    ahhahahah… look out hipsters, club kids coming to a block nearest you!

    the beginning of the end of H street… already?

    • Anonymous x2

      Let me guess. Petworth resident?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think so – H St still has a pretty gritty feel that will take a while to totally polish up enough so that a wide enough group is going to feel comfortable enough going there to make it as douchey as Dupont can be sometimes. That isn’t a dig on H St. I actually think it is great because most of the people who are still really nervous about H St are people I wouldn’t really want to hang out with. I doubt this one club will change anything and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t actually make it past a year or two.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love people judge and slander everyone else that’s not like them…

    • Anonymous

      Except for Gypsies. It’s still alright to judge and slander them.

      Oh, and fat people and rednecks.

    • Anonymous

      I judge people who use the word slander improperly.


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