Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Vileinist

“Dear PoP,

I have a rather sad request – how can I surrender my cat to a shelter in DC? I took in a friend’s cat temporarily, as they were moving a few hundred miles and couldn’t yet bring the cat out. Well, they ended up turning around and moving back to DC in about a week’s time, and have since refused to take back the cat. I tolerate the cat, but my roommate (rightfully so) hates her; the cat is sweet to us, but she is aggressive to strangers, making it difficult to have friends over. After several months of trying to “work it out” through behavior modification and positive reinforcement, this weekend was the final straw, and I’ve been given an ultimatum to either lose the cat or move out. The original owner is still steadfastly refusing to take back the cat (saying it’s “my problem now”). I would drop her on his doorstep, but in the past he’s threatened to set her loose on the streets, and I couldn’t bear to have her become homeless.

So that brings me to my question: where can I surrender this cat in DC? It appears that some of the well known agencies (WARL, Wash Humane) don’t accept surrenders. (And before the Peanut Gallery rips me apart for wanting to give her up, I want to say that while I do like this cat, I can’t afford to break my lease/lose my roommate, and I am moving to the west coast in six months!) Thank you”

This is a very sad situation – anyone who takes in cats?


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