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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

by Prince Of Petworth March 8, 2011 at 3:00 pm 40 Comments

This rental is located at 130 Q Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Enjoy the convenience of city living in this renovated condo just blocks from the New York Ave metro and the Shaw-Howard U metro. This fabulous location is in charming Truxton Circle, just outside the action of Penn Quarter and so close to Howard University. Easy access to the 395, the Capitol and just around the corner from Big Bear Cafe (site of the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings). This lovely home features:

-2 BR/1 BA
-Light and bright top floor location
-Warm bamboo floors throughout
-Kitchen with stainless steel appliances, gas cooking and granite countertops
-Updated bath with jetted tub.
-Off Street Parking – 2 tandem spaces. -Pets considered on a case by case basis with additional deposit. Condo allows 1 dog up to 50 lbs or up to 2 cats.”

$2400 sound right for this 2 bedroom?

  • Anon

    You’re paying for the realtor. That is at least 200 of the cost right there. That brings it down to 2200. It does come with 2 off street parking spots. I’d still say $1900 is probably about right. Too bad they’re using a realtor which boosts the price significantly. especially too bad since she posted an ad on craigslist – something you can do on your own.

    • RD

      managing a rental is a lot more than putting an ad on craigslist. beyond finding good tenants, you also have to be available when your renters call, to fix things, make sure the exterior of the property is upkept, etc. some landlords i’m sure it’s well worth it just to be able to collect a check every month and not worry about it. And as a tenant, it’s nicer because property management companies seem to be more attentitive and, well, professional.

      • Anon

        Ok, I manage a rental – its not that tough. Also, I said realtor. There’s no reason to think this is a managed property.

  • Well

    My first reaction to all of the afternoon rental options is rip-off terrible deal. But then you read people’s comments and realize this is the going rate.

    Maybe I am wrong again but I think you could find a nice 2 bedroom across Fla ave in Bloomingdale for this price or less. And is that govt housing right across the street from this? Or is it regular apartments?

    • NE Groover

      That is low-income housing across the street. A friend of mine lived on the corner of 1st and Q for a year. It can get kinda sketchy.

  • Anonymous

    Pure marketing jibberish that someone unfamiliar with DC might fall for.

    • K hater hater

      Yeah, kinda. I’d say it’s not in tune with the actual benefits of the neighborhood, which puts you within walking distance of Shaw and NY Ave metros, City Vista, NoMa including Harris Teeter.

      Arguably, there’s a benefit to not being on a street with subsidized housing, but outside of that, I’d say that Truxton offers more to a carless renter in terms of walkability than points north, as you get into scenic Bloomingdale.

      I think this is an easy $2000 with utilities included. Maybe tops out at $2200. I think the price tries to account for parking, but if they want to make money off of parking, it should be let separately.

      • Tres

        Shoot, forgot to change my name back. Apologies.

  • Anonymous

    Until recently paid under 2,000 for a very spacious 1 bedroom, underground parking, roof top, swimming pool, gym, 24 hour desk person in West End, 6 min. to metro, 4 min. to Rock Creek, 5 min. to Gtown. Importantly, always felt comfortable — anytime of the night — walking around. Could not imagine paying rent of 2,400 (even with another bedroom) for that area. If paying a 2,400 mortgage, different story, but not to rent.

    • MSF

      If you pay attention to this part of PoP at all, I think you’d realize that there’s a pretty significant difference between the pricing of 1 brs and 2 brs in the city. My impression tends to be that if you want something comparable to your apt as a 2br, double your rent and then deduct maybe $500 (arbitrary number here). The point being that for West End rent, you’re expecting a certain level of amenities that you’re not going to get in that area. Of course you wouldn’t pay 2400 for a 2br there. You want a certain set of services and you’re willing to pay the amenity tax to get that. Which is fine. People looking to live here have a different set of services. However, comparing your West End apt to one in Truxton Circle is comparing apples to oranges.

      The moral of the story here folks, don’t judge a location in Truxton Circle (or Shaw or Petworth or other similar neighborhood) if your living situation checklist can only be filled out by a neighborhood like West End, Georgetown, etc. You’re almost certainly not the renter the landlord is marketing to.

  • TGAA

    I hope so because I have a 3 bedroom 2 bath place in Columbia Heights closer to the metro that I may be looking to rent out soon. I will be asking for POP pricing help.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever the PoPers tell you to ask for rent, jack it up by about $200 and you’ll still have people begging to live there.

  • RD

    anyone else notice that any listing east of 5th st is “around the corner from big bear.” Is there really nothing else in that part of the city of note?

    • Anon

      It IS just around the corner from Big Bear.

      • Anonymous

        and rustik and beau thai

  • simmerdown

    is this really “just outside” the action of Penn Quarter? isn’t PQ about 10 blocks south? not a walk I would make regularly though that ‘hood. wow, its a landlords market. (makes me happy though cause I am about to rent out a place too and was going to ask a lot less in Col Heights, need to rethink that).

    • Anonymous

      its a 15 minute walk to penn quarter from this spot. to some thats close. to others that’s far.

  • Maybe I’m out of Touch

    My nicely updated, very spacious 3-bedroom house in a much better part of the neighborhood (read: close to the Metro!) goes for $930/person. Are we the last people in the city who aren’t losing their shirts on rent?

    • Anon Anon

      You have to remember that the more people bedrooms you have, the cheaper it will per person.

      I’m not sure if you’re getting parking, but if you figure $100/month for each parking spot, this works out to $1100/person. I think it’s still a little high, but not that much worse than what you’re paying.

  • grumpy

    It looks very nice, but I think it’s overpriced given the location and only one bathroom. If rent includes utilities, I think it could go for more than the $1900 others have said – but I would guess no more than $2100.

  • Roman

    Too bad that circle has been the subject of so much action. Can’t imagine anyone paying that much to live near so much of the wrong kinds of activity.

    • Tres

      Ha. Yes, THAT circle. Let’s try and call it Truxton Rhombus. Or better yet, plain old Truxton.

  • Caroline

    Some truisms people forget when posting about Rentals of the Week:

    1. You always pay a premium for living alone.
    2. Living near a Metro will usually cost you.
    3. If you rented your place several years ago, rental prices have gone up. Think about the current market, not what it was five years ago.
    4. Places in the suburbs aren’t necessarily cheaper than those in the District.
    5. Always factor in quality of life when chiming in on whether a place is worth renting, i.e., if you can walk everywhere.

  • Caroline

    Forgot the last one:

    6. You can’t really compare basement apartments to above-ground living.

    • Anon

      Your truisms that you claim are ignored are discussed in literally every single one of these posts I’ve ever seen.

      Also discussed? How much sketchier the subject neighborhood is compared with the sketchy neighborhood that someone else lives in.

      • Caroline

        I don’t know about you, but I still read the same knee-jerk reactions in more or less every thread: “I live in a 3-br house with roommates for X amount—–how can you pay that much for a studio?!” or, “In 2003, I found a 1-br in Petworth for $500 a month!”

        Never ceases to amaze me how much the Rentals of the Week posts attract really bitter, personal comments as if we’re all trying to convince ourselves that we landed the best deals in town or that we’re somehow savvier than the next guy. Just goes to show you what high rents do to people.

  • anon

    depends on the basement. get real.

    • Caroline

      Why the rude comment? I didn’t denote anything negative about basement apartments. But there are reasons why they tend to be cheaper than above-ground units. Totally different living situations.

      • anon

        Totally different in what sense? Basement apartments have living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens too.

        • Caroline

          The lack of light, low ceilings, small windows, and flooding issues to name a few things. I lived in a basement apartment for a while. However, I did have a ton of storage space and my own W/D, which I don’t have now. Still, I’m hesitant to compare the two places. I’m way happier living above ground, but recognize that’s a purely personal preference.

          • Chalk

            oops, didn’t see your post before I reacted!

        • Chalk

          Basement apartments get less light, don’t have a view, and are at higher risk for flooding and break-ins. That’s why people will opt for above ground living, especially in the city.

  • maria

    Paying that for an almost identical apartment just a few blocks away from U st metro. Albeit, minus the parking spots. Agree with the other posters, it’s overpriced by at least $200. Signed the lease in november btw, so the price is current.

  • RrR

    This is definitely not close to Penn Quarter or the New York Ave Metro. Realtor/landlord bullshit. If you want to walk to the metro, you will have to go catty corner across several huge streets and dodge the corner of suck that is N. Capitol and Florida. Enjoy the numerous choices of liquor stores though. I live in Truxton Circle and like it, but I wouldn’t call it charming.

    • Anonymous

      not close to the metro? wtf. how close do you need to be to be “close’?

  • Truxton_Dude

    “Also discussed? How much sketchier the subject neighborhood is compared with the sketchy neighborhood that someone else lives in.”

    this is SUCH a true comment. people like to dump on the “sketchiness” of everyone else’s neighborhoods that they don’t know. this part of TC is like south bloomingdale…its actually better than most of bloomingdale b/c its closer to big bear/rustik etc. than most of bloomingdale proper.

    with that said: i think $2200 is a bit high, but if thats the new going rate, I’ll need to up the price on my rental unit a block away.

  • Nellie

    Definitely think it’s too high. It’s not a bad neighborhood, but it’s also just not close enough to any of the amenities. FYI, I lived in Bloomingdale for a year and never felt unsafe, so despite the less-than-convenient location I was fine living. So more points against this place are that when we looked at a 3BR for 3 for $2400 on this very same block, we overheard one of the guys across the street loudly state to his buddies that he’d “fuck the girl in the green dress,” which is by far the most obscene street harassment I’ve ever heard in DC. So there’s no way I’d pay *more* than $800/person to live on that street.

  • BeBopNotRocksteady

    For what it’s worth, I live a block away (still south of Florida) and I pay $1750 for a 2 BR, 1.5 BA, two-story remodel done two years ago. Granted, I don’t have parking or a balcony, but as a resident of this neighborhood, I feel comfortable in saying there’s no way I’d pay that much. Between Dunbar, the low-income housing across the street from this place, the playground behind that housing with drug dealers slinging with impunity, the three low rent liquor stores in walking distance (with associated crowds), and the general sketchiness within a five block vicinity (yes, even Bloomingdale after dark), I’d say $2400 is excessive. This is the type of neighborhood I don’t let friends walk in alone, thanks to recent shootings at both N. Cap/Florida and 1st/P Sts. NW.

  • spookiness

    We are not in California. Definite articles do not preceed Interstate #’s. Sheesh.

    • elcal

      Not all Californians do that. Most of us from Northern California do not use definite articles. We’d call it 395 (or I-395).


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