Tivoli Ticket Booth at 14th and Park Rd, NW will Likely Sell Z Burger Milkshakes

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2011 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

Back in Feb. a reader was told a “Zebra Girl” would be coming into the old Mayorga Coffee/Nori Sushi space at the corner of 14th and Park Rd, NW in Columbia Heights. Of course, we know this will soon become a Z Burger. At the time there was also discussion about what will/should become of the ticket booth space. I’m now hearing that it will likely be used by Z Burger to sell milkshakes. I’ll be sure to update when construction progresses. Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they will paint the window trim the same color as the surrounding trim.

    Cool idea, especially during summer.

    • Dartagnan

      +1 – I was actually thinking the same thing. Attention to detail!

  • Zebra Boy


  • Darrell

    A great addition to the Tivoli North neighborhood!

  • victoria

    Yay Zebra Girl! But where will everyone piss now?

    • rooty tooty

      I will also refer to this as Zebra Girl henceforth.

      • Ruth Dunbar


  • Stoney

    The Figuy down the road best be trembling in his cowbow boots.

  • Lester

    Fantastic idea. 50 flavors of malt? I’ll go for that. I’m eating Z’s onion rings right now. Mmm!

  • petvet

    ooohhh and fries!

  • CM

    That’s a neat idea, actually. Makes me more excited about “yet another burger joint” opening.

  • Otis

    Milkshakes are my favorite guilty pleasure if made correctly. Straight forward vanilla shake with quality ice cream and preferably an addition of vanilla syrup to give it that intense vanilla flavor. I have never had a Z-burger shake. Are they good?

  • Thought

    For a historic building how did they get approval to make such drastic changes to the exterior? It looks like they are also removing some poster displays to add windows.

    I hope they have ample garbage cans and send crews (sic) out on a regular basis to clean up the trash.

  • Nothing can survive this corner!!! Nothing!!!

  • Anonymous

    it wouls be sweet if a “chop’t” opened there…jus’ sayin’


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