The 5pm Post – Support New Tryst/Diner Concept Coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW

Dear PoP,

Hey there! I learned about the awesome plans for a “Diner-plus” diner-café-bar in my neighborhood on PoP. My house was so excited, we decided to e-mail Constantine to set up a Q&A/chat, of sorts, with him and our neighbors.

He was great, and we’re all friggin’ thrilled about the venture. Anyway, this Wednesday, there’s an ANC meeting, and they’ll be taking up his plans. Apparently, there’s a small band who don’t want to see the place go in. They won’t be able to shut the project down, but they could definitely throw some sand in the gears, and if enough people show up to voice their support, it could really help. If anyone else is as excited as my housemates and I are about seeing this vacant graffiti magnet of a building turn into a neighborhood hot spot, they should definitely come out! Here’s the info:

Date: Wednesday, March 9th.
Place: Harriet Tubman Elementary School (Gymnasium) – 3101 13th St (ENTRANCE on the parking lot side on corner of Kenyon St & 13th)
Time: 7pm

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