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  • Cait B

    So, I might be a big dork for asking, but will Mr. Larry’s do cat grooming, as well? If so, my lazy long haired cat will be a regular!

    • Good question.

    • Divine

      Oh god I hope so. I’ve got two long hair kitties and I’m sick of picking cat hair out of my eyes. Getting to Wagtime without a car isn’t easy.

      • angrychicken

        Wagtime does cat grooming? I’ve been driving out to Alexandria to get my cat groomed and it’s such a pain in the ass.

        But if Mr. Larry’s does cat grooming I’ll go there too – much closer than even Wagtime.

        • Kalorini

          Alexandria? Yikes! I always go to Petco in Cleveland Park — straight shot across Rock Creek, and validated parking. I’ll definitely give Mr. Larry’s a shot with my kitty cat.

          • petvet

            I stopped going to that dirty disgusting smelly petco when one time they cut my cat’s skin and acted like I was wasting their time when I asked about and another time there was a guy who absolutely reeked of booze (obviously I didn’t leave my cat with him). They used to have a really nice lady there who was good with the clipping, but she’s gone now.

            VERY excited about Mr. Larry’s.

  • YuppieHell

    I was wondering when this place was going to open I walk by here everyday.

  • Otis

    Hopefully selling California Naturals?

    • ess

      yes–I agree!

  • sunshine

    This is great news. Can’t wait!

  • Oliver is gonna get his claws trimmed there, if he does cats!

  • New on Sherman

    Can’t wait to meet Mr. Larry and Mr. Marcus! This is a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Sleepy

    Hopefully they sell Sammie Snacks. If yes – it’s my new pet store.

    • Justin


  • notolp

    I wonder if they will address me as Mr Customer?

  • Nearby Neighbor

    I talk to Mr. Larry and his dog Shorty most mornings when I walk my own dogs. He couldn’t be a nicer person! Wishing him the best of luck! We will definitely be shopping there.


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