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Medium Rare to Open up in Old Yanni’s Space in Cleveland Park Monday

by Prince Of Petworth March 23, 2011 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

I’ll admit that I will always miss Yanni’s at 3500 Connecticut Ave, NW. However I do admit that the Post’s Tom Sietsema description of Medium Rare sounds good too:

“There will be a single feature — steak frites — on the menu, although a meatless entrée will be available for vegetarians.”

He tweets:

“Just in: “We’re open on Monday,” says Mark Bucher, owner of the steak-only Medium Rare in Cleveland Park.”

We’ll def. be judging them in a few weeks. I’m eager to take a taste. Though the Yanni’s sign is really just taunting me now…

  • joker

    They literally have one thing on the menu?

    This business model is about as servicable as that cereal place was down the street.

    I give it 8 months.

    • steve

      it’s the relais de venise model. if the steak is good, it works.

      • Wrinkled

        “Even the frites have been hand chipped on the premises to the identical dimensions as Paris and of course, the same secret recipe sauce is served with your steak.”

        From the “relais de venise model” restaurant in NY.

        Got to go hand chip me some taters!

      • rooty tooty

        same model they use in a few cities in france at the restaurant L’Entrecote. there’s always a huge line. http://www.entrecote.fr/

  • Anon

    You clearly have never had a proper steak frites before.

  • Anonymous

    Why is “definitely” abbreviated here?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Why did you put it in quotations?

      That’s how I type it. Don’t fret the sun will still rise tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        I just wanted to point out the word. I figured if I didn’t set it off somehow, my comment would not make sense. My apologies. I stand corrected.

  • Freedom Steak

    It’s the “regime de Fred” my old French roommie:
    1. Coffee, 2. Cigarette, 3. Steak + mustard, 4. Red wine. Repeat when hungry, even at 3 am.

    Can’t wait for les sauces.

  • Eli

    This place sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it! Steak and frites have much broader appeal than cereal. Are you kidding?

  • Oh, I Wish I Had

    I’m just glad to see that Yanni finally gave up on the music career and opened a burger joint. About damn time, his music was terrible. Let’s hope his burgers are better!

  • Bonely Herpesce

    Sounds great!


    I am terrified of this place.

  • bloom

    Went with my family last night. Delicious… mmm, mmm, good! (But I will miss Yanni.) The new owners were exceedingly kind. Personally, I loved not having to think about the menu.

    Loved the feel, place, tables, decor. Didn’t think I would order dessert, but I did and it was amazing.

  • I’m beginning to wonder if they’re leaving up the Yanni’s side for old time’s sake. As of this morning’s walk to work, it was still there.


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