Washington, DC

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From MPD at 8:50pm Friday evening:

“An adult male was shot at 14 and Fairmont St NW and was transported to an area hospital in stable condition.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 2027279099 or 888919CRIME or text at 50411.”

Thanks to all the readers who sent in a heads up as well.

Sadly, the vicious cycle continues.

I hate to Ed. Note this but Ed. Note: This is a tragedy that I hope doesn’t simply devolve into neighborhood bashing, it is just that, a tragedy. It sucks. It is my hope that this conversation doesn’t turn into a vicious cycle of our own, ie “Columbia Heights sucks, no it doesn’t” repeat ad nauseum. Folks who live in H St, NE, Petworth, Trinidad, Bloomingdale, Eckington, Edgewood, Hill East, Adams Morgan, Shaw, Logan, Brightwood, Ft. Totten, River East and elsewhere are all mixed up in this situation. This situation sucks and is horrible and horrifying. Period.

If we have outrage it should be directed to the drug dealers (who plague many DC neighborhoods), politicians and/or the criminal justice system who are too cowardly to actually tackle the severity of this problem. Rather they (and myself included) only seem to react for half a second after an incident. Residents of our city are scared (levels vary but the fear is real for many.) I think we may need our own Mandela or a Giuliani. Or more likely a hybrid leader. We need to keep our social programs fully funded. I’m not saying we need a revolution – I’m saying we need a politician who won’t pander but will actually make tough decisions and lead our city out of this vicious cycle which seems to repeat itself year after year after year after year after year… Period.


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