Dear PoP – Postal Service Problems

by Prince Of Petworth March 3, 2011 at 2:30 pm 64 Comments

“Dear PoP,

We live in NW, not far from the T Street Post Office. Since moving here 9 months ago, we’ve been having terrible trouble with our mail. We regularly get mail for our neighbors (which we hand deliver, even blocks away.) I just realized that two checks that were sent to us have never arrived. I confirmed with both senders that the checks were sent over two weeks ago, but we never received them. We’re talking about hundreds of dollars, not to mention any other pertinent mail that has gone wayward. I can recover the checks, of course, but how do I get this fixed? Is there a way to register a complaint at our post office? I’m not sure whether it’s the sorting or the delivery causing the issue, so I’m not quite sure how to pursue.”

Back in Jan. when we spoke about the post office at 14th and T St, NW possibly closing, well, there wasn’t a lot of love for that particular location. But to the question, Hmm, I think I would talk to your mailman/woman next time you see him/her. My mailman is a super cool and friendly guy. I’d chat them up a bit and mention that you’ve been having some problems (in a non accusatory way) and ask the mailman/woman for their advice. Anyone face similar problems? What would you do about this situation?


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