Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

My friends and I hail from the hinterlands of our dear country where Lenten fish fries are predominant feature of our spring. We, however, have not found a great place to partake in this tradition here in DC. What are the best locations for great fish fries (extra points to the booziest ones)?”

I saw the sign above on 14th St, NW on the west side of V St, NW. There were also some recommendations given back in April ’09 and some others in Feb. ’10. I bet Horace & Dickies probably has a good one at 809 12th St. NE (just off H Street, NE). Perhaps Florida Avenue Grill at 11th and Florida Ave, NW. Bill’s Seafood Kitchen at 3601 Georgia Ave. NW. Anyone know of other good fish fries around town?


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