Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

I sold my car that was registered in D.C. to someone out of state. I have the tags, but I’d like to keep them for my personal collection (who doesn’t?)…

On the D.C. DMV site, they imply that while they’d really like the tags, it’s still optional to surrender them (see this line at the bottom of this page:

“You are responsible for any infractions incurred on the tags if you do not surrender them to DMV.”)

However, I just got a notice that my car is due to be inspected again. How do I tell the DMV I need to cancel the car’s registration without surrendering the tags?

If I don’t tell them somehow, then I’m going to get charged late fees, etc.

Any ideas? I’ve tried calling and e-mailing, but I never get to a real person, and there’s no additional information on the site.”

Hmm, I thought when you sell your car and the new owner registers the car then your registration automatically is canceled. Isn’t that how it works? Anyone sell their car and keep the plates? Did you face similar problems?


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