Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Would you be willing to do a post on an impending change at the National Zoo that local parents are trying to stop? We desperately need help getting the word out. Here’s the issue:

The Zoo currently has a petting farm with cows, donkeys, pigs, etc. that kids can visit and touch (my 2.5 yr old son loves it so much that he knows most of the animals by name). The Zoo also as a “pizza” playground that is one of the best outdoor spaces in the city for little kids/toddlers to play. The Smithsonian (which runs the Zoo) is saying that it’s going to close both the farm and the playground and shift the funds to other “priorities” even though the press is saying that the overall budget for the Smithsonian is going to actually INCREASE this year by $100mm.

Local parents have started to organize to resist these changes, but we’re just getting started and are a little bit at sea. But we do have a facebook group started.

More importantly, we’re trying to organize a “protest” at the farm for Saturday. The idea is to just show our support by having as many families come as possible between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm on the 26th.

Good luck!


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