Paila Chilean Grill and Cafe Opens up at 1424 Park Rd, NW in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — February 28, 2011 at 10:22 pm 37 Comments

For those who aren’t fans of the chain restaurants in Columbia Heights, you can add another great independent spot to your list! Paila Chilean Grill opened up a week ago just west of DC USA at 14th and Park Rd, NW.

After a reader wrote in saying the new space looked great and the food was equally great, I stopped by Sun. morning for a quick look. Indeed the space looks fantastic and I’m happy to say the owners were also super nice.

When I asked for the menu to share with you guys they also sent this note in an email:

“We are a small, family run, kid-friendly, Chilean grill with a preoccupation with freshness, goodness, and great taste in everything we prepare. Despite this we offer scrumptious food at very reasonable and affordable prices. Cleanliness is next to godliness for us, too! None of our entrees have been frozen or pre-made.

We have yummy Chilean churasco sandwiches and 100% all beef kosher frankfurters “vienesas” loaded with fresh avocado, tomato, and other fixings! Another personal favorite of mine is our super fresh baja fish tacos Chilean style on a fresh corn tortilla with lime, cilantro, cabbage and our own homemade tartar sauce.

We open for breakfast Mon-Fri at 7 am / 8 am on Saturday and Sunday, and close at 10 pm Friday and Saturday nights. Monday – Thursday, & Sunday we close at 9 pm.”

You can see the full menu below in pdf:

Paila Chilean Grill and Cafe Menu

A few more photos after the jump.

  • Anon

    Any chance they’ll add a vegetarian option or two? It looks great.

    • Your Mom

      There are no vegetarians in Chile. Go back to Russia.

      • RD


    • NKC

      If you go in and ask for a vegetarian dish they’ll serve with a plate of delicious cilantro rice with avacado, tomatoes, and a bowl lentil/beans. Super fresh and yummy, but simple. Ricardo is the nicest owner and really seems to care about serving quality.

      • trauco

        Cilantro Rice??? that’s Mexican combination, go to chipotle!

        We the chileans eat Meat, a lot of meat, fishes and seafood!!
        if they have curanto I will go!!

        El Trauco

  • Dana

    We also have vegetarian options on the menu including a vegetarian churasco made with all fresh vegetables, grilled and seasoned to perfection, and loaded with fresh avocado and diced tomato or home made pico de gallo. Other items include a delicious Chilean lentil dish, beans and rice, and super fresh salads prepared before you (without meat).

    Come on in and give us a try! We’ll happily give you or anyone else mentioning this Prince of Petworth posting 10% off your bill with us.

    • LisaT

      Thanks for this info–your veggie options sound d-lish!

      See you soon!

      • Anonymous

        As if “delish” was not bad enough.. please stop.

    • NKC

      That does sound really good!

  • cookietime420

    This is fantastic! I guess the restaurant construction was masked by the facade work up and down the block. Anyway, I will definitely check it out. I hope it does better than Senior Chicken.

    Not too long ago this block was a dangerous, unpleasant place. Most people would go out of their way to walk down Irving, which wasn’t that much better, than to walk down Park. I can remember hearing the “pop pop pop” of gun fire coming from this spot. And now there’s a Peruvian restaurant! It’s turning into quite a nice restaurant row.

    • CTK

      Scroll up – there’s also a Chilean restaurant!

    • Jason

      Park was/is very sketchy looking with the assortment of drunkards loitering about at times, but I seriously doubt it was any hub of crime considering its close proximity to a major road.

      • saf

        In the late 80s, it was drug central.

        Lately, not so much.

      • Anonygirl

        I guess you didn’t see the guy running down the street shooting at the other guy like I did. Close proximity to a major road? what?! If you watch the drug action at 14th and Oak you’ll see a lot of the buyers are cabbies. People I know who lived on Lamont would walk three blocks out of their way to avoid Park. It is a lot better now. Although other postings regarding Holmead, and the shootings on 14th at Fairmont, show there are still plenty of muggers and gang bangers in the area. That’s not going to stop me from getting Vietnamese or shopping the Children’s Place though. Best wishes to the new business.

    • RD

      has Senor Chicken closed yet? It’s hard to feel bad for them when their business plan was to open up a peruvian chicken place a couple doors down from a very well established neighborhood peruvian chicken places, and with a product that was neither better or cheaper.

      • El Gringo


        …and I wanted to like them since they went to the trouble of importing “brasas” from Peru.

  • andy

    This looks like a pretty nice place.

  • cookietime420


  • Anonymous

    Awesome. We’ll see you soon. With kids in tow.

  • Anonymous

    just went. had the hot dog, was pretty good.

    the atmosphere and layout is surprisingly charming. looks like a great breakfast spot.

  • Sounds great!

  • Leiriope

    The fish tacos were excellent as was the italiano churrasco.

  • That sounds terrific. Definitely going to have to have a taste.

  • Anonymous

    If I could get the kids to eat fish tacos I will have achieved an important personal goal.

  • trauco

    Really they’re gonna sale Chilean Food??? or just some tipical chatarra food??

    or a mix mexican like this or like that….
    coz american don’t know nothing about chile. all american thinking about chile as mexico or peru!…

    another cuestion in the kitchen, the chefs are central-american chefs or chileans?

    El Trauco

    • Dana

      The chef and owner is Chilean for sure! Ask for Ricardo or his lovely wife Daniella who will be graciously preparing your food behind the counter.

  • trauco

    Ohhh I see now what they sale!





    • Anonymous

      Wow.. never knew Chileans were so angry.

  • El Gringo

    Tried to stop by for dinner last night around 830, but they had already closed 🙁

    Thankfully, I still got my Pollo Sabroso on.

    Once everything is in full swing there, that little block is going to be killer: Chilean, Dominican, Peruvian/Salvadoran, Vietnamese…

  • PFL

    Had the chacarero for lunch yesterday. Wouldn’t have thought to put string beans on a sandwich, but it was great! Definitely going back.

  • Monroe Street

    We went on Sunday and it was really great. Delicious food.

  • DBB

    First off- I think it’s great that their will be a Chilean restaurant in DC! Congrats to the owners, I have been wanting to eat Chilean food in the area for years!!! I’m really excited!

    @ Trauco: First off, you sound very angry. I’m a therapist, I would advise you to seek some sort of therapy, you probably have a lot of vent up anger towards something/someone. Either that, or you have a lot of time on your hands to write something that sounds a little hateful and mean.
    Second- Have you been to the restaurant?? You sound quite judgmental, but you haven’t mentioned that you have been there or the like. Perhaps before you angrily accuse something, you should verify your facts.
    Third- I really hope you’t not from Chile, you’d be a disgrace to our country and people.

  • Liz

    We went for lunch today, and it was great! While they’ve got some of the more popular items on large signs on the wall, there’s a lot more on the menu, so be sure to look at that. Or just ask.

    The fish tacos may not be authentic, but other things – like completos – are very Chilean. The owners are very friendly, the food is tasty, and I’m glad to see La Paila in the neighborhood!

  • flowerchild

    The pictures of the Cafe look amazing. You have both worked so hard these past months. What a wonderful addition to the area. Maybe you can franchise and come to the West Coast!! You have a winning combination for success…..Great Food, clean location,customer friendly hours of operation and friendly curtious service. Best wishes to you as you live the American Dream!

  • Finally stopped by last night, the owner is super nice, and the food was fantastic! I will definitely be a return customer. Very reasonably priced, to boot, and the space is very cozy. Great addition!

  • Michelle Rossy

    do you sell empanadas or any type of chilean pastry? I think if you add empanadas and other chilean dishes your restaurant will be a great success because we don’t have any chilean restaurants in the area other than the one in bethesda but they don’t have a lot of variety. You should try making mariscal, paila marina, pastel de choclo, empanadas, palta reina, ensalada chilena, porotos granados, bistec a lo pobre, locos con mayo, merluza frita…y la lista sigue y sigue…i hope that you soon incorporate more dishes because I won’t go out of my way for a hot dog or a steak sandwich…good luck!

  • Alex Roset

    Congratulations!!!! I am a Chilean living in DC for the last 20 years. We definitely needed a family owned restaurant like yours, serving delicious food and generous portions at reasonable prices, but above all fresh food and a clean, friendly place. I wish you the best! I will make sure to take all my friends, Chileans and others, to your restaurant.


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