Washington, DC

Ed. Note: Despite our conversation going on down below – I also love H St, NE and much of its positive development. I don’t think it is necessary to malign one neighborhood just because you may like another better. The beauty of DC (which admittedly took me a few years to realize) is the uniqueness and contrast of all its neighborhoods. The DC that is the sum of its neighborhoods is far greater than one neighborhood alone. Christ, I sound like a politician and that is not my intention. I’m just saying it is quite possible – in fact quite natural – for one to love both Columbia Heights and H St, NE. I may blow some people’s minds but I truly and genuinely love Cleveland Park as well. Screw it – I’ll say it loud – I love Georgetown too.

On to the good stuff – Boundary Road Restaurant (pictured above), according to a recent liquor license application, is coming to 414 H Street, NE. It will be a:

“Neighborhood style American fare menu, full service restaurant and bar with a seating capacity for 65 patrons. Total occupancy load of 80. Entertainment will consist of occasional live music or DJ.”

And in less pleasant news I was saddened to see its next door neighbor’s building was for sale lease. As previously noted, perhaps the greatest name for a lawyer ever – Phyllis J. Outlaw:


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