Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Walked by the Tivoli theater yesterday to see guys inside jackhammering up the floor. The permits in the window weren’t really clear to me and none of the workmen spoke much English, but one guy said (I think) it was going to be a new restaurant called “Zebra Girl.” Do you know any more?

Also, perhaps a question for the crowd – I think everyone agrees it was great that the original Tivoli was saved, but the old ticket-booth is now not only an impediment blocking what could be a great restaurant/bar space, but a truly disgusting open-air toilet.

What are the chances that- A. Some creative architect could design a way to remove or change it to open it up, maybe install something completely new and modern while still keeping the historical integrity – (think the pyramid at the Louvre) and B. – Whoever has the say-so would say yes?”

That would be a Z Burger that is moving into the space. Though Zebra girl could be a fun place as well!

And I think the question about the old ticket booth is a great one. What do you guys think can/should be done with that space and how can we get it done?


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