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Dear PoP – Elimination of the “Green Team” in Wards 1, 2 and 4

Georgia Ave, NW on Saturday Feb. 12 in Parkview Ward 1

“Dear PoP,

I know that you have posted plenty on the issue of illegal dumping and trash removal in the past. My neighbors and I learned of some very sad news last night that affects us all. Funding for the District’s “Green Team” has been completely eliminated. This DPW team had been tasked with taking care of the following services in Wards 1, 2 and 4 for the past 4 + years:

• Trash Collection & Bulk Trash Removal• Street Cleaning• Beautification Services• Landscaping & Green Space Maintenance• Graffiti & Illegal Sign Removal• Snow Removal

The services that this team provided were invaluable to us as we battle illegal dumping in our alleys, and in making sure that our streets remain clean and safe. In addition, the loss of this team means the loss of meaningful jobs for those who really needed them to support their families as well as reach personal and professional life goals. This team and this service enriched us all. Over the past two weeks, my neighbors and I have encountered illegal dumping of items on an enormous scale in our alley.

Today a press conference was held to discuss this very unfortunate turn of events in our community. CM Graham has been instrumental in making this program work and the loss of finding is truly devastating. If at all possible, can you post this so that other residents can send a note to CM Graham or their own CM?

These city services are crucial to making our city a beautiful, livable place. We neighbors get together to pick up trash and follow the rules when putting out bulk items, but many, many people just do not care. Without the extra support of the city we face an uphill battle. The cost to the former Green Team members is even greater.

We know there are so many city issues out there that need to be addressed – crime, education, etc. But living in a clean environment is essential to making our lives healthy and safe.”

This is horrible news. You can find contact info for your Council Member (and at large members) here.

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