Washington, DC

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  1. Not exactly state-sponsored marketing but does anyone else find the music in this local John C. Flood commercial utterly crazy? Yeah, I know it makes me remember their name; I just wish I could forget the song.

  2. Probably not the ‘worst’, but the DC Department of Health’s female condom campaign is kinda strange and ghetto:

    DC Doin’ It!

  3. How about the DCPS bus ads that said, “Go to class- it a blast!”

  4. Stop! in the name of love… mo-town superhero angry rectangle with sexy legs.

    I feel like pondering this art with a long smoke.

  5. I wish I had those legs!

  6. Makes no sense. “No tobacco sales to minors” works pretty well on its own without the cutesy naked smart-trip crossing-guard demon.

    This is why the good lord gave us marketing agencies, people. Please stop doing this stuff in-house.

  7. umm … “Just Say No”

  8. there’s a really bad condom ad in the Farragut West metro. Will take a pic and send it to you next time I go through that station.

  9. Oh Emily, enough already!

  10. When i first looked at it, I thought it was a new “No Prostitution Zone” sign. (Have you seen those or are they just in my hood, MVT?)

    Then I read the print. Now I think it looks like the winner of a junior high no smoking campaign contest.

  11. The DC lotto has a radio campaign right now, “You’re here. Why not?” to try and get folks to buy lotto in DC while at work. Sounds like a cheap come-on.

  12. DC DOH’s campaign to get kids to use condoms…the slogan was something to the effect of “Coming Together to Stop AIDS/Teen Pregnancy’.It still makes me giggle…lol

  13. Does the “don’t try” warning only apply to eunuchs?

  14. DC gov’t loves a shitty rhyme. Poll worker training in 2008 – my materials had the quote: “Your role at the polls is our goal.”

  15. Don’t try, just bend over, we comply!

  16. For worst ad I nominate those bus ads that are supposed to promote getting a flu shot. Telling me that if I get the flu, I can’t go to work, is not the right message . . .

    Oprah, anyone?

  17. Washington Wizards: six weeks it took me to figure out their logo is indeed some sort of aerodymamic clip-art circa ’97 wizard (avec b-ball)……nevermind the name rhymes with gizzard, blizzard, and lizard—bad company all around…I do like that they invented a new color, though: Ambiguous blue, neighbhoring up with ‘gold-ish’—accolades for Leonsis for going back to red, white, and blue next season. Name change? Bullets? Rubber Bullets? Kevlar? Tazers?

  18. Actually another of the flu bus ads is my favorite. “If your child has the flu, they can’t go to school.” That’d convince me.


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