Dear PoP – What to Do When Wires Down? (Not Necessarily Pepco Wires)

“Dear PoP,

What do you do if you have a downed line on your block? We have a downed line that has been in that state for maybe 3-4 weeks. I’m guessing, based on the appearance of the line, that it is some sort of cable line (verizon, comcast, direct tv, rcn?) and likely from a disconnected service since it clearly hasn’t been reported due to an outage of some sort.

In my experience after the snowpocolypse, the companies wouldn’t come out to check on the lines without confirmation that I was a service user and that the downed lines were in fact for my service. Some of them even tried to charge me for the visit!

So, yeah… what do you do?”

If it is a power line of course call Pepco at 1-877-PEPCO-62 but it sounds like you’re talking about cable. How would you guys advise this reader?

Also on a related note, I just had a big branch come down (call 311 if a tree or big branch came down in last night’s storm) and take out some landline telephone wires. I don’t use a landline – so who should I call to take care of these telephone wires? Verizon?

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