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“Dear PoP,

Just wanted to shoot you an e-mail to see if you saw or knew anything about what appears to be new vintage shop opening up on 14th Street in Columbia Heights. It’s called “It’s Vintage Darling” and in the same building as Quiet Mind Yoga. A sign went up this weekend, but the windows are shuttered and there’s no sign announcing when it’s opening or anything like that. Hope it’s soon… would be a great addition to the neighborhood!”

I stopped by on Saturday and am happy to say that they are open are the space looks great!

It’s Vintage Darling is located at 3423 14th Street NW (by Newton) and run by partners Amira Hikim and Kindall Hudgins. Some folks may recognize Hikim and Hudgins (photo after the jump) as they run a popular vintage stand at Eastern Market. They had their grand opening on 1/1/11. They offer men’s, women’s, accessories, jewerly and inventory changes every day. Prices range from $20-$500 but the average price is $35. You can reach them by phone at 202-525-1327.

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  1. ugh! I know I’m a grammar geek and I even bore myself with policing other people’s errors, but jeez, why don’t people know how to punctuate anymore? …or maybe they don’t care?

    This sign reads as if there were “new Darling” and “vintage Darling” and that what they sell here is “vintage Darling.”

    It should read: “It’s Vintage, Darling” – preferably with some sort of sentence punctuation. If they’re excited about it, then maybe an exclamation point.

    Whatever. It’s just a sign for a clothing store… I need to relax, huh? :-)

  2. Miss McGillicuddy

    No, I hear ya, and as a former English teacher, I totally agree. People learn correct grammar, spelling and punctuation not just in school but by seeing it in the world around them. While this is a small error, it’s an error that’s perpetuated in letters a foot high on their sign and all over their marketing materials.

  3. i’m with you. just yesterday, i passed by a smoothie place on connecticut in dupont. the sign outside read, “fresh orange juice” in quotes. so, it’s not fresh and not really orange juice? of course, i erased the quotes for them.

  4. Wow, you’re intense…

  5. Chill. It’s a store sign not a novel. The owners’ have taken creative license.

  6. TaylorStreetMan

    First of all, you don’t need the apostrophe after “owners.” It’s not a possessive.

    Secondly, nobody took creative license. If they did, for what intent? What artistic, poetic, jaw-dropping statement is made by leaving the comma out?

    It’s an error plain and simple.

    You can mock me for being so grammatically uptight (as I did myself), but trying to defend it or make it out to be intentional just makes you look silly.


  8. how do you feel about Toys R Us?

  9. Yeah relax stop HATING! You dont have to be proper w a name of a store hun! RELAX

  10. What’s a “vintage darling”?

    Punctuation, in this case commas, saves lives and saves a new business from looking illiterate. Good luck to them.

    It’s Vintage, Darling

  11. go insert a guerrilla comma in their sign. a sharpie should do the trick.

  12. I give them four months.

  13. harsh! it looks like a pretty decent place.

  14. It does look great – and I wish them all the best – but am also curious about the numbers for a business like this. Say rent is $1000.00, utilities, insurance, etc. $500.00 (I’m just guessing here) Salaries $2000.00

    Say total operating cost is – low estimate, $3000.00 a month. Can you really make that on vintage clothing?


  16. Most vintage shops in DC charge $60 for a t-shirt.. and they get plenty of customers… so yes.

  17. Chris in Eckington

    What’s the story with the bar that supposed to be going into the basement? Wasn’t it originally supposed to be called Dave’s or something?

  18. That place is seeing about as much progress as the Bacon’s Funeral Home addition. I, too, would like to hear their excuse for blighting (admittedly on a somewhat smaller scale than Bacon) my street.

  19. So you own the street, oooooohhhhhh kay

  20. Best of luck to you both and here’s wishing you success, comma or not! The shop looks great.

  21. wow u guys are anal!
    iv been in and the shop is great!
    so are the owners and the goods.
    who gives a toot about a Punctuation its a name,a store name for crying out loud!

    i love this place!

  22. I think the place looks great… Unlike most vintage stores it is not a junk shop, and only has nice items. And to all the people talking about puncuation please stop hating. It being a recession and all things could be tough but good luck!

  23. Its vintage darling and i love the shop who cares they’re here and here to stay check them out.

  24. Omgee! The storeis gorgeous i went in the store the other day and i got the cutest skirt and perfect pair of cowboy boots. If you’re in Columbia Heights check out Its Vintage Darling, its well worth it.
    P.S, the grammer correction are tools of incompetence and jealousy so Good Luck ladies.

  25. It’s funny that all the defenders are using incorrect grammar themselves.

  26. I think it looks wonderful. I can’t wait to shop there.

  27. Shops such as “It’s Vintage Darling” have helped to create ambiance in communities like Fells Point, Hampden and Federal Hill in Baltimore, and even Georgetown, D.C.
    These are all great places to shop, eat, and to live in. I can’t wait to visit the shop, while supporting a small,locally owned business..especially a shop owned by women!
    “Lighten-up” with the OCD!

  28. Yes, but in Fells Point vintage prices are more in line with what one should be paying for secondhand clothing. Most of us can’t afford DC vintage.

  29. you can help your uncle jack off a horse. or you could help your uncle, jack, off a horse.

  30. Whatever? Whatever! Whatever.

  31. She needs to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!! Really?

  32. TaylorStreetMan


  33. all of us.

  34. Exactly!

  35. Just trying to promote some good grammar.
    I suppose you prefer to jack off a horse. With your uncle.

  36. Kendall— your shop is wonderful! i must get over to see it AND SHOP!!!! LUV aunt alice

  37. Went here last week and loved it! Seems like it will be a success in this neighborhood, and yes I think they could sell $3,000 worth of “vintage” in a month, esp once the word is out on the quality and variety of items they carry. Everything isn’t cheap! But you can find unique items for the same price you might buy an article of clothing or pair of shoes at Target. And according to the owners, they bring in new stuff all the time. And to all you grammar/punctuation nazis, get over it. I noticed it and shrugged it off without passing judgment on the owners. If the store is good, does it really matter?

  38. “But you can find unique items for the same price you might buy an article of clothing or pair of shoes at Target.”

    Really? That’s great news.

  39. I think the store looks great!!! All those other negative comments aren’t necessary and neither are they relevant. If you can’t say anthing nice don’t say anything at all!

  40. I Actually Live in CH

    I cannot believe the comments section has been reduced to a Grammar War. I, too, appreciate thoughtful attention to one’s writing, but this store deserves more than your petty banter. I actually live in this neighborhood and you all should visit the store and spend money on great clothes instead of arguing over the signage. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.


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