Sweet Potato Cake Scuttlebutt: Delectable Cakery Looking at DC USA Space in Columbia Heights

It’s been a long time since we had some good DC USA retail speculation/scuttlebutt. I’m hearing that Delectable Cakery is looking at the space next to Payless Shoes on the 14th St, NW side. According to their Web site:

From a very early age Derek Lowery enjoyed baking cakes with his mother. Mrs. Laurine Helen Lowery. Laurine Helen Lowery was an avid baker and constantly prepared desserts for her family every weekend and especially holidays. During Thanksgiving and Christmas it seemed like a commercial bakery at the Lowery home. There was an array of southern cakes, pies, and cookies. In 1988 Laurine Helen Lowery sent Derek an old family recipe for a cake made from fresh sweet potatoes.

He quickly prepared the cake and shared it at an office potluck; as a result of Derek serving the cake; two ladies had an argument over the last slice of cake that escalated into a “shoving match at the office potluck!” Inspiration was born and the rest is history. In 1998; Derek Lowery shared this cake with someone he sang with in the church choir; who in turn shared it with her co-workers at the “The Club at Franklin Square”. Within weeks, the Washingtonian Sweet Potato Cake was served in several DC area private clubs.

Soon after the Washingtonian Sweet Potato Cake was picked up by NORDSTROM and is currently served at Nordstrom Stores Espresso Bars in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and on the menu of numerous restaurants in DC and New York City, NY.Since passing away in 2005; the legacy of Laurine Helen Lowery lives on. We’re confident you will discover what so many others have come to know. The Washingtonian Sweet Potato CAKE is one in a million! Just as the inspiration for this incredible recipe. Mrs. Laurine Helen Lowery!

They currently have two locations in Mt. Rainier and Landover Hills, MD.

Now remember that this is all just scuttlebutt and I have no idea how far along/serious these discussions are. Personally, I think they would make a great addition to the neighborhood. At the very least it’ll be fun to compare sweet potato cakes with sweet potato pies… I’ll be sure to update when/if more info becomes available.

Ed. Note: This scuttlebutt should not be mixed up with the talks of a bakery coming to DC USA that we had back in August. I understand that that group is still looking for other locations in Columbia Heights.

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