Washington, DC

MPD sends word via the Humane Society:

“Four month old Ivan was snatched from his kennel at the New York Avenue shelter late on Monday afternoon. Three suspects were caught on surveillance video taking the dog from the shelter. The individuals entered the shelter on 1201 New York Avenue, NE posing as potential adopters. Once inside the shelter the suspects took Ivan from his cage and escaped by breaking through a wooden fence behind the building.

The Washington Humane Society is offering a $1000 reward for Ivan’s safe return.

WHS officials are asking anyone with information about Ivan to contact the Washington Humane Society/DC Animal Care and Control at 202-724-3834. Calls are confidential and a reward is being offered for information leading to safe return of Ivan.”

Thanks to all who sent word about this theft.

“Dear PoP,

You have a lot of pet people as readers and I’m sure they can answer this in a second. I haven’t been a dog owner since I was a teen. In the meantime, technology such as the microchips has been developed, which I think is a good idea. But can I just go to Petsmart or wherever and get whatever chip they offer (a microchip is a microchip is a microchip) or are there different kinds, brands, or levels of service, just like home alarm companies? I want to get the little one protected but have zero experience here.”

Can anyone recommend a good place to get your pet microchipped?


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