Washington, DC

You can see all the great entries here.

Congrats to RD with:

“Dear PoP,

My street corner is at 13th and U, NW. I think the picture explains itself, but please let me know if anything puzzles you.

As for the corner: The sidewalk as a whole was thoroughly renovated; the work was finished in 2007. My corner is a an open-air studio with the paved space being 10 feet by 10 1/2 feet in size. The street corner has paved concrete floors. It has extremely high ceilings and is reminiscent of the 1930s. What adds to the charm for me is the number of emergency exits and an ingenious lighting design that means that every day when I need to light the area, the sun is there (think of the cost savings). The bathroom is state-of-the-art (balancing rails, a deep toilet bowl, portable). The apartment has a stackable coffee table/tv pair, and it comes pre-furnished with a comfy chair. As a whole, the street corner oozes charm, for whatever that is worth.

What the street corner is worth is a pressing question for me at the moment. I very much appreciate your helping me figure it out.”

Hmm, I’m gonna guess $1300 again. What do you guys think?

Runner up to kardinal with:

“The sidewalk really ties this room together.”


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