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  • 17thSter

    Firehook? La Madeline?

    • Kev29

      Corner Bakery, I bet

    • R

      I doubt it’s a Firehook – there’s one pretty close at 4th and D.

      • Anonymous

        And one at Metro Center

  • photodork

    PLEASE let it be a boutique burger place.

  • Pete

    Any food option would be much better for people who work at the Archives than the downstairs cafeteria. (except on Burrito Friday!)

  • Anonymous

    It’s Paul bakery, a French chain that gets pretty well acclaimed for a chain.

  • Anonymous

    It is locally franchised by owner of J pauls (ironic but no correlation)

  • Very excited bout this, folks! U like French baked goods? Nice.

  • it’s quite time consuming but it pays…


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