Washington, DC

“My dog was hit by a black SUV this morning on 13 and V Streets, around 7:20AM. Her collar broke and she ran from me, running up 13th Street, turned right on W Street. The last time I was able to find someone who had seen her, she was spotted running on 12th Place, between Florida and W Streets. I have attached a flier we are posting within a mile radius of our neighborhood (we live on 14 and V).

Her name is Durga, she is a Schnauzer/Terrier mix. Fully up to date on her shots but missing her tags because her collar broke. She is micro-chipped.”


“Some amazing soul just called animal control, he and his dog spotted Durga on 17 and t sitting on a fire escape. Animal control is getting her and said we can pick her up at the new york avenue shelter. We are going to get her now!”


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