Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jess J

“Dear PoP,

This morning I witnessed a random act of kindness that you just don’t see enough of in this city. As I was entering the U Street metro station, I noticed two men running at me full speed. Then I realized one person was chasing the other. Next thing I knew, the chaser actually caught the chasee on the escalator, jumped on him, and got back whatever the person had stolen. At this point it dawned on me that it was probably an iPhone, given the recent increase in thefts of these devices over the past few months. Now, I figured it must have been the guy’s phone that was stolen. But as he turned around to come back into the metro station with the reclaimed device, the guy handed it back to a girl. She was completely shocked and obviously very thankful. This was a true act of kindness, for a complete stranger.

It is good to know that there are some decent people left in this world, and I was hoping that maybe if I wrote to you we could give this guy some kind of recognition for his actions. Also, the iPhone theft increase is no joke.”

While I don’t like hearing about the crimes, stories like this always amaze me. Much respect to the good Samaritan!


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