Fire at Sweet Mango Cafe at New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 4, 2010 at 8:40 pm 16 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending the photos of this sad news on Sat. night around 8:30pm.

Another reader writes:

“Literally, the building was on fire. From all appearances, nobody was in the building and the fire was under control shortly after I shot this video. After I stopped shooting, the fire department put a ladder up on the building next to the patio the blaze was on and used a hose to douse the flames. Lots of fire department personnel on the scene, along with the usual array of ambulances and squad cars. Honestly, didn’t seem like a huge deal and looks like the situation was handled quickly and with a fair degree of ease.”

@DCFireems says:

“Update – Ga AV – Correct address -3701 New Hampshire Av NW – fire knocked – no inj”

“Update – 3701 NH Ave NW – Sweet Mango Cafe – restaurant – fire under control – moderate damage – no injury”

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More info as it becomes available.

More photos after the jump.

  • Anonymous

    “accidental” fire eh? funny how bad economies spur on so many of those.

    • Anonymous

      Read Lester’s post…does that help u any

  • Anonymous

    Glad that nobody was hurt. But, I swear, it is never a dull moment with these guys. The food is good, sure.

    …But this is the third fire in a decade, on top of a shooting, on top of an illegal night club(5 years till they got caught), on top of unending illegal construction, on top of encroaching fences….

    This may be the jerk’s chickens coming home to roost.

  • Anonymous

    In the wonderful words of Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three:

    “The roof, The roof, The roof is on fire…We don’t need no water, let the mutha f* burn.”

    “Burn Mutha F*”


    (then have a fire sale)

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how you would feel if your found yourself suddenly out of a paycheck? Stop and think…maybe if that “Mutha” burns to the ground someone may not be able to make ends meet. Well I guess they can just come stay with you…and you’ll give their children a great christmas…because your so compassionate!

      • Sleepy

        because “you’re” so compassionate

  • Lester

    I noticed the past couple of days that there was more smoke than usual billowing from their vent system. I thought it might just be the cold weather or heavy use, but now I think they may have had something in their grill system (creosote, grease, etc.) Too bad this had to happen on such a prominent point in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope they re-open soon. Very soon :( bad things always happen to good companies

  • Sad news indeed! Looking forward to seeing them reopen.

  • _joecrawford

    I still have not gone here yet and I really hope they can reopen! This is sad for any biz.

  • jellyroll

    very sad! i love this place, have always been treated wonderfully and with a smile and the food is damn tasty!

  • RD

    i bet that was the best smelling fire ever.

  • Melissa Gilbert

    Maybe they will take this opportunity to upgrade their exhaust filters. I would hate to like across the street from this place.

    • Anonymous

      I can confess…IT IS HORRIBLE! They are the worst neighbors imaginable.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they re-open soon. I love their food and it’s nice to go upstairs and have a drink every now and then.

  • Empress

    Hope that Reggie and the others will be okay. This is a bad time to have to deal with another business set back…


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