Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Are the DC police required to attach a ticket to your car if they tow you? This would seem to be common sense practice.

I rented a Zipcar several months ago and parked in a rush spot (signs made it look legal). They ticketed me $100, and then towed me. I found the towed car, somehow returned it on time and successfully fought the $100 parkign ticket. Now Zipcar/DC is alleging that I owe $100 for the tow. This is news to me. Had I received a tow ticket, I would have argued that as well. Now several months have passed and the ticket is $200.

Similar thing happened to my boyfriend. He parked on Georgia Ave thinking that street cleaning was finished for the year (per your blog), but street cleaning continues on major arteries/evacuation routes. DC police towed his car but left no ticket. By the time he was aware of it, it had doubled.”

Hmm the street cleaning info came straight from DPW. Of course that was residential street cleaning…

Anyone ever deal with a towing/ticket situation like this before?


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