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Dear PoP – First Impressions on the Blue Banana

“Dear PoP,

I thought I’d share my feelings on our new sports bar. So far – not good! :( We live up the street from the bar and went to have lunch and watch football on Sunday. I’ll give it another chance in a couple of months but for now I give it a 5 out of 10.

1.) First of all they did not have Direct TV as advertised. Apparently they don’t have the ticket yet. So the only games they were showing is what was on regular TV. I would have been pissed if I traveled far to see a certain game and it wasn’t on.

2.) The bar stools were super uncomfortable. I left at half time because my butt hurt. They also have no place to hang your jacket. (I like the hooks they put on the bar so you can keep your purse right next to you.) They should add those.

3.) The bathrooms were atrocious. Nasty. I’m pretty sure I was the first customer to use the bathroom that day since we showed up right when they opened and we were the only people there. The bathroom only has one weird light fixture on the side wall. They have no lights on the ceiling at all – just a skinny fluorescent light on the wall. I think they were trying to be trendy but it is a poor source of lighting.

4.) No food. I forget if this is always going to be the case. The bartender told us we could get something delivered or go to Manny & Olga’s next door.

The bartender told us there was at least 100 people there on Wednesday night. I find this a little hard to believe but good for them if they did. Hopefully the patrons had a better experience then I did. I don’t mean to sound like a Negative Nancy but I was so excited for a super awesome afternoon and I was very disappointed.

I will reiterate that I loved the beer selection but if I want to go to a bar I’d be much happier at LGL or the Pint.”

I’ve been getting a lot emails/chats about folk’s first impressions of Blue Banana located at 3632 Georgia Ave, NW. Unfortunately all the early reviews have been similar to the one posted above. Personally, I think it’s a bit too early to tell but hopefully they make some adjustments after reading some constructive criticism. Any other first impressions?

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