Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user rjs1322

“Dear PoP,

I am a long-ish time Columbia Heights resident (5+ years), but am looking to upgrade from a condo to a rowhouse. I LOVE Columbia Heights, but over the past few weeks, have come to consider a property a bit south of Grant Circle, because, quite honestly, my money goes further in Petworth.

So my question to you — and all other Petworth dwellers — is this: can I live in Petworth without a car? Or without spending half my life waiting for a bus? Most importantly, how should I get groceries? (I find the Petworth Safeway a little to scary and the Yes! a little too limited in selection — and Zipcar is out because, again honestly, I’m a horrible driver) Secondly, what dry cleaner should I use? Finally, is a mile-plus walk to the S-series buses a sustainable commute?

Any tips/recommendations are greatly appreciated!”

I can answer this question pretty easily because I live just south of Grant Circle and I haven’t had a car in over a year. Yes, you can def. do it! For grocery shopping you can use Giant’s Peapod service or if you are slightly crazy like me you can use a granny cart (I occasionally shlep mine all the way to the Columbia Heights Giant). I don’t ride the bus too often but when I was regularly commuting I walked to metro in about 10 minutes. Anyone use the S-series buses?

Any other non car urban dwellers?


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