Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Foggy Bottom

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 3:00 pm 12 Comments

This rental is located at 2000 F Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Beat the rush and reserve your new home now before the holidays. Studios Available Now through December 18th. Rent as low as $1225 a month utilities included. Largest walk in closets in DC, Hardwood floor, 5 blocks to the metro, Washington Monuments are your backyard.

The Empire Apartments are ideally located in the beautiful Foggy Bottom/West End area. We are a convenient walk from both Foggy Bottom and Farragut West Metro Stations. Blocks from George Washington University, The State Department, The White House and The National Mall. The perfect location to enjoy everything DC has to offer.”

Does $1225 sound reasonable for an efficiency here?

  • John

    Sounds like a good deal. Boring area, but convenient if you work nearby.

  • dmdm

    Not worth it unless you’re a student… there’s almost nothing around there but campus buildings. Other than the tiny FoBoGro, you’d have a LONG walk carrying groceries. Metro is six blocks away — not great. Also, most of the streets around that building have rush-hour restrictions, which is bad for car owners.

    And a pet peeve of mine: When renters say “hardwood” when they mean “parquet.”

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, although it’s pretty unusual to find a rental with actual hardwood floors, so I always assume it’s parquet unless the photos indicate otherwise.

  • saf

    “Blocks from George Washington University”

    Here, let me fix that: Smack in the middle of George Washington University. There, that’s better.

  • TM

    Wow–I lived in a studio in that building 4 years ago and my rent was $875. I was in grad school at GWU at the time, but even being able to get to class in under 5 minutes didn’t make up for the undergrads screaming outside my window at all hours. Ugh.
    (Also, I’m kind of blown away–though I know I shouldn’t be–that those studios are now renting for more than I’m currently paying for my one bedroom in Mount Pleasant!)

    • Laney

      I’m currently looking for a cheap studio or 1 BR – can I ask the name of the building with this cheap rent?

      • Tres

        That building’s not cheap anymore. Most people mention the Woodner, I think, on 16th. Although in retrospect, I think any time you provide free advertising to an apartment building, it contributes ever so slightly to escalating rent there. Hmmm.

        • Laney

          Oh, hmm – I’ve heard bad things about that place…

      • TM

        The building in Mount Pleasant? I’m actually in an old rowhouse that was converted into 3 apartments (all of which are occupied at the moment, sorry)

        Someone else mentioned the Woodner: yes, it’s cheap, but I’d be careful about that building–pretty much every time it comes up it’s usually in relation to rat/roach/bedbug problems.

        I’ve found that you can sometimes get better deals in smaller apartment buildings, but they can be a mixed bag in how well maintained/managed they are (but then again, the big buildings seem to be the same way) Hill East and Brightwood tend to be good areas to find some of those cheap, smaller buildings.

        Good luck on the apartment hunt–I know it can be insanely frustrating when you’re on a limited budget!

        • Laney

          Thanks! Yeah it’s so annoying trying to find a place.

          A converted row house is EXACTLY what I want, but so hard to find around here. I feel like most people who own row houses in DC just rent out the basement apartment and leave the rest of the house intact, unlike other cities like Baltimore and NYC.

  • Lackadaisi

    I lived there 14 years ago. I hope they fixed the roach problem. The kitchen sink didn’t even fit a regular-sized plate. But, maybe they have remodeled.

  • NZ

    Lived there in 1998 when I started at GW for grad school. Paid $613/month. It was loud, hot, and riddled with roaches. Kitchen is a closet with an under the sink fridge. They did move me to another apartment because my neighbor’s nonstop smoking was causing me to have respiratory problems. Getting groceries is a pain. Could walk to work in Dupont and get home quickly from class.


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