Update on new Restaurant, Standard, Coming to 14th and S St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 9, 2010 at 11:00 am 12 Comments

Back in Feb. ’10 we learned that the old Garden District space at the corner of 14th and S St, NW would become a burger joint. A reader sends the heads up:

“I spoke to the guy and the girl out front and they told me that it’s going to be a burger/bbq/local stuff restaurant ”

So, I also headed over to the space and talked to some folks. And they also told me that the menu would be expanded from focusing solely on burgers to including a serious bbq component. Sweet! As you walk by you can now notice that some picnic tables are starting to be assembled. (In July we noted there would be a sidewalk cafe.) They hope to open this winter in what will be a soft opening since the majority of the space is outdoors. They can fit around 15 inside and around 99 outside. So in the spring time they will have a proper grand opening. I’ll be sure to update when opening dates are firmed up.

Do you like the addition of bbq options?

  • w00t

    Yes, this place is going to be awesome!!!!

  • Kevan Marvasti

    YES YES YES! Will they sell beer?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yup, they’ll be applying for a liquor license. You can’t have bbq without beer!

  • Tim

    *Day Made* Can’t wait to till they open. Any word on the style of bbq?

  • fl

    I am pumped. First, this means the market hopefully won’t be saturated with burger places and all the existing and planned ones will be able to survive in the area. Second, this is the perfect setup for a bbq joint with the picnic tables outside and all. Third, even if DC BBQ turns out to be as god-awful as DC Mexican food, at least there will be a place nearby I can get some. I still have high hopes for the quality though.

  • the verbotten one

    Perfect! This is just what the neighborhood needs…heck, it is just what DC needs!

  • Ms

    I’m looking forward to adding this place to my list of neighborhood dining options!

  • SG

    I am excited about Standard. I believe the guy who is opening it has some good pedigree (Two Amys) and said the price point will be low. He likened it to Shake Shack.

    I do strongly recommend that they tear down the existing awful, foreboding fences. It doesn’t seem like a proper eating garden as it is now. I also wonder if they can expand to the entire footprint and put some more shrubs in to make it a bit more secluded, especially on the S St side.

  • coffee cartel

    Like everyone else, I’m really happy that this will be a BBQ place. There aren’t really too many of those here (within DC proper … Urban BBQ in Rockville is ridiculously tasty) though there is a BBQ place in Glover Park, right? Any others?

  • Anonymous

    Great, another carnivore feeding hole! Just what DC needs, gimme more Veggie options!

    • coffee cartel

      I’m hoping that they’ll have veggie options … it would be foolish not to given their location (hipster central) and the likelihood that a fair chunk of the clientele (you and me included) will be hoping for at least one veggie option. Even Urban BBQ has tofu. And as I said above, it’s tasty! My friend had them cater her wedding.

    • w00t

      I don’t understand your post. You’d think everyone would be pumped for a new restaurant in the neighborhood – one that may in fact serve veggie options.

      Taken literally, your post sounds like you want a restaurant that only caters to vegetarians? That wouldn’t be a wise business plan considering the large majority of the population are omnivores.


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