Shooting in the 1200 block of I Street SE

by Prince Of Petworth November 28, 2010 at 8:32 pm 11 Comments

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MPD reports:

“This evening [Sunday], at approximately 4:35pm, two armed suspects discharged their firearms toward a group of individuals in the 1200 block of I Street SE, on the street outside of the Potomac Gardens complex. One victim was struck and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The investigation is on-going at this time.

I would like to thank all of the concerned citizens who quickly called 911. The ability to get our officers and investigators on the scene quickly to secure the crime scene and locate witnesses is critical in these types of investigations. Thanks for being great community partners.”

  • the boss

    Was this before or after the four black guys viciously attacked the white girl on he other side of Harris Teeter yesterday? Potomac Gardens needs to be shut down.

    • pop-up owner

      after… the brutal attack was witnessed by folks in the neighborhood. At least one of the teens lives in Potomac Garden and was positively ID’d. Robbery was not a motive, a simple mid day hate crime and I hope they are charged as such.

      These shots were between 4 and 5pm. I thought they were gunshots initially, but they kept coming in such a rapid manner and for so long, I thought they had to be firecrackers.

  • Anonymous


  • cs

    ….and that’s why I always park in the underground parking garage at Harris Teeter instead of on the street. There’s alot of shady characters just hanging all around that place.

    • ET

      I go at 10am on Sunday and never have that problem.

  • DWS

    I haven’t seen anything about the attack at Harris Tetter, just another “we’re on the case and don’t question us” BS release from the MPD. What happened exactly???

  • C

    I work 2 blocks from here and had no idea this happened. Of course I wasn’t in the office yesterday, but it’s good to know about such things.

    Thanks PoP for keeping us informed!

  • the boss

    The attack was at 13th and penn. 4 guys attacked a girl carrying groceries and knocked some of her teeth out. Didn’t rob her or anything, just attacked and ran.

  • Nosy on S ST

    I used to live in the 1200 block of Potomac Ave SE (2000 to 2005….before the stunningly beautiful Boys Town townhouse development construction and after the community ‘activitists’ nearly rioted and caused its demolition and replacement with the complex that houses Harris Teeter), separated from the I street entrance to Potomac Gardens by a pocket park that was a virtual killing field (it was apparently a real war zone in the 80s and 90s). I moved just as the new complex was taking shape. I digress… As long as there is concentrated poverty, as is represented by the Gardens, there will always be stress and tension that will manifest itself in some pretty vile and desperate and cowardly ways. Really feel bad for the disgusting attack on the woman. Really feel bad for everyone else who is feeling a loss of community, too. Thankfully, the attacks that occurred during my residency (though wholly unnecessary) were always between other members of that ‘element’; not us civilians. To the city’s credit there was a credible attempt during the waning days of the HOPE IV grant program to convert the Gardens (right out my front door) and Hopkins Plaza (? right out my back door) into mixed income developments. The applications were not successful and under significant pressure from the Bush Administration and Republicans in congress the program was not re-authorized or funded. It’s sad to know that this area may have regressed to its former infamy. I hope that the silver lining to this tragedy is that the residents – many of whom are struggling but law-abiding citizens – feel as much outrage and a call for change as those who live along the recently bricked in sidewalks outside of the 8 foot tall wrought iron gates that enclose them from the community.

  • DWS

    Another woman was attacked in the exact same block last night (Monday evening) – the police are doing the usual “don’t speculate on where they live” nonsense, when every single victim has been saying they are black male teens coming out of and going back into Potomac Gardens. I was mugged there (half a block from Harris Teeter)last year and haven’t been back since, and that decision seems entirely justified now

  • Ed

    I hope the victims recover and the thugs are put away for along time.

    Gentrification is not a risk free endeavor.


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