Shooting at 8th and Delafield Pl NW Tues. Around 4:30pm

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2010 at 5:33 pm 36 Comments

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This has been a bad week all around…

From MPD:

“Units received a call for a shooting at 8th and Delafield Pl NW. Upon arrival, a male victim suffering from apparent gunshot wounds was located and transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced. The Homicide Branch is handling this investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIME.”

  • Anon

    DC is out of control

    • Anonymous

      yup, you win.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it was in retaliation for the child molestation arrest that happened on Decatur yesterday. . . what a shithole. Can we turn that block into a parking lot yet?

    • TiredofIt

      or the 17 year old Girl found yesterday.

    • hmmm

      I live nearby and would love to see that whole block and all its residents disappear.

  • Robin

    What child molestation arrest?

  • Anonymous

    Oops misread the charges or they changed. There was a sex abuse arrest on Decatur yesterday.

    • Daezja

      Theyy Saidd SheeLIED
      Nn That She Asked For It

  • Not sure if it’s related, but there was a huge takedown/arrest on that short piece of Rock Creek Church that goes from Georgia Ave to 9th St when I walked by a little before 6pm. About seven/eight police cars to take down one perp.

  • Jason

    You junior gumshoes will have this city cleaned up in no time. Go Hardy Boys go!

    • Tres

      There’s a difference between sarcasm and wit.

    • **DOLPH STRIKE**

      yeah but this was hilarious, can you blame him?

  • Lester

    Street still blocked and manned by police at 7pm.

  • Anonymous

    On Tuesday, November 30, 2010, at approximately 4:20 pm, units from the Fourth District responded to the 800 block of Delafield Street, NW to investigate the sounds of gunshots. Upon their arrival they located a victim suffering from gunshot wounds. DC Fire and This just in from the list serve:

    Emergency Medical Services personnel transported the victim to a local area hospital where the victim was pronounced dead.


    The decedent is identified as 16 year-old Prince Okorie of Northwest, Washington, DC.

  • Ed

    That’s an African name. I’m surprised one of them would be mixed in the mayhem of DC.

    • Anonymous

      “one of them”? Seriously?

    • StubsDC

      Wow – I know him. He and his mother go to church with us. She is from Nigeria. He was always at least polite. This is really sad.

    • hmmm

      Complete, utter shock and disbelief. I expect better from them.

    • Daezja

      Ayee What Does Where Yu Fromm
      Gotta Do Widd AnyThang
      Cuss Hee Cool Nn He Was Juss At The Wrong
      Place At The Wrongg Timee

  • Petworthian

    I am so sick of young people getting blown aways within blocks of my house and elementary school.

  • briefly

    If you’re sick of it you should decamp for elsewhere, its rather normal for DC and this year is actually relatively peaceful compared to past years. If you have the time, start going through DC Council archives and see if there’s ever really been serious debate on crime in DC. You’ll look for a while and you’ll find faux outrage regarding the South Capital Street massacre earlier this year and then debate on the crime bill last summer. Neither resulted in any serious policy changes at all and the crime bill debate was downright disengenuous. None of our elected officials live in shitty neighborhoods and the most they do is drive by photo ops every now and then. Barry is probably the exception. You can’t crack down on crime in DC without putting lots of black men in jail which is politically unpalatable. You can however make a decent income off the DC poverty system, which is what the status quo has chosen to do.

    • PT Varnum

      I’m beginning to believe this.

    • Anon

      Wait, what are you talking about? A lot of black men are already in jail and we still have a crime problem. Putting more in jail would solve crime? The solution is far more complex.

      • briefly

        Were I Lord of the Land I’d release drug offenders and incarcerate for life anyone convicted of violent crimes. I do believe that would help reduce violent crime in DC and would reduce the overall numbers of black men in jail as well.

        Regarding my post, it was specifically in regards to cracking down on violent crime in DC. In that narrow definition of crime I do think black men would be at least 80% of offenders. I know of one murder in the last several years committed by a white man (the Holocaust Museum shooting) and several committed by Hispanics. These numbers are of course generally impossible to verify but that’s what I think. Go ahead and label me racist if it makes you feel better, but it won’t stop the frequent killings of blacks in DC. If you want hard numbers, this sort of thing might be of interest:


  • Anonymous

    It’s all about our failed DYRS approach. At least the Washington Times is starting to give serious attention to this ongoing example of failed leadership through a series of articles on this travesty.


    Mandatory long hard jail time, prosecute as adults, get real, the DYRS 900 have got to go. Does Gray have the balls to take this on once and for all? If not, time to bring in the folks from Hunstville Texas to run this town.

  • Anon

    DC is verily a shithole.

    • prosper

      thanks. we try.

  • Ronan

    That couple square block section of Petworth has been bubbling this year…that’s only a block from where Oscar Rubio got killed memorial day, pus the murder at Sherman Circle and the two on Georgia Avenue right nearby. Must be stressful to live around there.

    • PT Varnum

      It is.

    • Block Resident

      I would argue that it is no more stressful than any other section of the neighborhood such as 5th and Shepherd or Allison and Georgia. These kids take opportunities to shoot each other no matter what block they’re on.

    • captain cook

      I can say with confidence that it sucks… I blame the liquor store and that shitty market on the corner. Its a gathering place for dug dealers and seekers.

      I love leaving for work in the morning and seeing my neighbor and his posse already hard at work… tippin 40’s and collecting “they gubberment check”.

      I would take pleasure in watching them all starve.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the DC Counsel can be sued to take some kind of immediate action on DYRS. Isn’t it a form of negligence? Endangerment? The police know about these kids, their gangs, their homes and their rap sheets and can do nothing. The judicial system is bound to uphold laws they know don’t work. The election failed to get those overseeing DYRS out, or address crime. There has to be a way to force a change.

    • briefly

      Not really, through the odd world of legalisms the government has no real obligation to protect you. This was actually decided in relation to a DC case know as Warren versus District of Columbia. Several women were held captive and raped in a day long ordeal and made numerous call to 911. Police never arrived and they attempted to sue the DC government, unsuccessfully. See:


      I’ve always felt the case against the federal government might be stronger as DC generally violates ‘equal protection under law’ arguments, ie if you are born in DC you are much more likely to be murdered / uneducated / impoverished than if you are born a few short miles away in VA or MD. I’m no lawyer though.

  • Anonymous

    We’re not talking about the police not doing their job – it seems they are doing a pretty good job considering the circumstances. It is the law itself that needs to be challenged. DYRS is a mess.It is through their gross negligence that these kids are able to commit these stunning crimes. Who the hell had the great idea to let that kid out last week so he could kill two people in a week! What law allows an accused murderer to leave jail to hang out with his buddies?

    • intractable

      I agree with your point, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what happened. I think the kid was arrested after the second murder, then tied to the first.

  • DYRS

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