• 9th

    Rave: Getting married next weekend.

    Rant: Thanks to the FDA I can no longer serve Four Loko at the reception.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, Congrats nevertheless!

    • Anonymous

      Hilarious! Congrats… and just change your registration to include black market 4loko.

  • ehg

    rants: bike stolen this week, still have cold that I have had for almost 2 weeks

    rave: off for whole week next week (but no bike to take nice long bike trips on :(

    • Anonymous

      Rant: My wife practically tripped over a bike thief in the alley this week, the guy took a nice purple cannondale, cut through 2 locks to get it. That’s now 6 bikes in one month up in our block in Petworth. I got photos of one of the culprits, but such little use they are.

  • MJ

    Rave: Friend introduced me to her hottie friend last night

    Rant: Her hottie friend turned out to be an arrogant, elitist snob.

    • DM

      Oh MJ…

      This is DC, it’s allll weee’ve got!

    • Jaded dater

      surprised by that?
      call me a cynic, but my experience has been that they hotter they are, the more full of themselves and entitled they feel.

      Not trying to stir up any gender wars here. I’m sure hottie guys are the same way. They’re just not on my radar :-)

      • mv

        as a female I’m totally offended!

        hah just kidding. I totally agree with you. Arrogant, elitist snobs seem to be the norm these days, though…

      • Anonymous

        Traditionally that has been my experience too. But I just met an impossibly good looking guy who seems to be desperate for a girlfriend to settle down with. Trouble is I just went through a messy breakup and I’m just not ready for that yet. Why is my timing always the worst?

    • Anon

      You don’t have to TALK to her/him…

      • ah

        Who said he did?

  • gardyloo

    Half-Rant: The winds on Wednesday and Thursday blew most of the leaves off the autumn trees, but. . .

    Rave: Usually when this happens, it reveals gobs of plastic shopping bags stuck up in the tree branches. Not so much this year, though. Go bag tax.

    • djdc

      I love the word ‘gobs.’

      • PT Varnum

        How much?

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Rave: Got married on Wednesday to my partner (now wife).

    Rave: Our first baby is due any day

    Rant: Will spend tomorrow raking leaves to the front tree box.

    • DM

      congrats congrats and…im sorry.

  • ess

    rant: cavity filling, then allergies, a cold, laryngitis, followed by a cough. it’s been a miserable week.

    rave: I have a gf who will snuggle on the couch and watch dvds with me while I put ice packs on my face. And I have my voice mostly back for tomorrow, when she’s meeting my parents.

    • mv

      ah! good luck with the parent meeting! so sorry to hear about your week :( but +1 to you and your gf :)

  • TaylorStreetMan

    rant: my corner of the office suite is like an icebox. I think I’d be warmer standing knee-deep in Rock Creek right now.

    rave: Friday! and Mom coming to visit for T-week!

  • Going on a trip to shoot eagles* on Sunday! hoping they’ll be good enough for next week’s animal fix!

    *(with my camera of course)

    • Kalorini

      Not only is he an incredible photographer, pablo.raw’s a friggin comedian, too. Is there anything you’re *not* good at?

      • Cooking and submitting comments on the right place!

    • Anon

      + one on the incredible photog comment. Especially love your B&W pics, Pablo.

  • grumpy

    rant: Does anyone else have a coworker who, when he/she is unhappy, goes around spreading stress/misery in the office thereby ensuring that everyone around him/her is also unhappy? I’m so frustrated with this person (who under normal conditions I would consider a friend) that I can’t concentrate on the work I need to do!

    • p’worth

      of course. I think we all do, unfortunately.

  • Cooking!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Marion Barry’s new proposal.

    Rant: Nothing may ever come of it.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: The seemingly-delicious spicy dinner I had last night at Sala Thai on U Street landed me with my head in the toilet at 1 am this morning. Serious bummer…

    Rant: I’m severely fed up with a friend of mine — she picked a great field to go into (politics) because she’s great with spinning people’s words around over and over again.

    Rave: Guy I’m seeing Baltimore ;-)

    Rave: Samurai Sudoku in the Express paper!


    • Anonymous

      My seemingly delicious Sala Thai dinner did the same thing to me last weekend. I’m beginning to think its not just me.

  • J

    rant: drinking 4 loko for the first time tonight, anticipating a wild and/or utterly tragic evening.

    rave: tomorrow is going to suck so much.

    • fl

      I am sooooooooooo excited for you. If you are planning on actually going out in public after you have some, you should probably limit yourself to either Alero on U, Duffy’s or some other bar that it is nearly impossible to get kicked out of.

      • PT Varnum

        It’s not acid. It’s caffinated boze. Or boozinated caffine.

  • clearbluewater3

    Rant: I have been sick for 3 weeks with the worst stomach issues of my life (which is saying a lot considering I have colitis). I havent been able to eat without pain/nausea for 3 weeks. Its pretty much instant as soon as i put even the blandest of food in my mouth. I am starving.
    Rant2: I had an endoscopy on Monday that showed…mild irritation.
    Rant3: I have to get the other end scoped on this coming Monday.

    Rave: Harry Potter tonite?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’m going away for Thanksgiving!

    Rant: I’m not leaving until Tuesday.

  • ah


    Ohio Drive paving project is done and it’s super-smoove.


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