Ping Pong Dim Sum Opening 2nd Location in Dupont!

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2010 at 11:00 am 19 Comments

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Wow, this is pretty big news for Dim Sum fans. Thanks to a reader for sending in the scoop from an employee of the One Dupont Circle building where Ping Pong Dim Sum will go into the old Georgetown Valet and Fed Ex spaces:

I am happy to announce that the American Council on Education entered into a long term agreement with Ping Pong Dim Sum Restaurant to lease the space vacated by Georgetown Valet and FedEx Office. Because of some unanticipated obstructions, for example the requirement to obtain a zoning variance to extend the window line as requested by Ping Pong, the process took longer than we anticipated. However, in the end we feel that we were able to negotiate very favorable lease terms for ACE with an upscale and established restaurant that will add value to the NCHE building and the Dupont Circle business community.

The construction necessary to extend the window line is tentatively scheduled to begin November 28, 2010 and should be complete and ready to turn over to Ping Pong in January 2011. Once turned over to Ping Pong they can start the construction necessary to build out the interior space according to their design drawings. The tentative grand opening for the restaurant is scheduled for 2Q 2011 with much anticipation.

Ping Pong Dim Sum’s first DC location opened at 900 7th Street, NW in Chinatown back in Dec. ’09.

  • Anon

    Not big news for dim sum fans, but probably big news for fans of overpriced cocktails and mediocre Chinese dumplings.

  • Underwhelming, I am afraid. We visited the 7th Street location once and have little inclination to return — the establishment works much better as a place for happy hour gatherings than as a dining venue. (Reasons: high prices, uncomfortable seating, erratic cooking.) The opening of a real dim sum establishment (or even a good Chinese restaurant) would be far more welcome news.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! I know some hate on this place for not being “authentic”, but I’ve always had awesome food here and it doesn’t break the bank at all. It’ll really liven up that corner too (replacing a dry cleaner and Fedex Kinkos- huge upgrade!)

  • Living on Mt P

    BEST HAPPY HOUR EVER + fabulous drinks!

  • Anonymous

    This place sucks balls, and sucks them hard.

    • Rich

      Yeah. Ping Pong Balls.

      • Anonymous


  • U street v

    Just another mediocre restaurant to add to the lot of mediocre restaurants in Dupont Circle.

    • hamster

      Try the new kabob place on P Street. It actually is pretty great and relatively cheap. It has revolutionized Dupont for me.

  • coffee cartel

    I agree with others … good HH, good drinks specials, totally forgettable and mediocre food otherwise. For dim sum, I’m a fan of Tony Cheng’s in Chinatown. Doesn’t hurt that I can see it from my office window :)

  • Anonymous

    People that like the food here are dim sum…

  • Anonymous

    i never met a dumpling i didn’t like. until i went to ping pong dim sum. seriously disappointing.

  • boggle

    I’m Cantonese and this place offends me.

    • Anonymous


  • Webster Res

    I agree with most, the dim sum here is bland and caters to the masses, so it’ll fit in perfectly in Dupont.

    Where is good dim sum in DC though? I couldn’t find anything worth mentioning even on ChinaStreet.

    • Webster Res

      …not even on ChinaStreet.

  • Anonymous

    i like their lemon grass wine white sangria.

    but their food, its okay.

  • kt

    dim sum is supposed to be cheap enough that you can order enough plates to satisfy your appetite and not clear out your bank account in doing so. not going back here.

  • Anonymous

    Marks Duck House in Falls Church is far superior for Dimsum


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