Washington, DC

photo courtesy NoMa BID

From a press release:

“Since the New York Avenue Metro Station opened in 2004, a remnant of compacted gravel remained immediately in front of the Metro entrance at N Street. The NoMa BID decided to soften the gray, cold concrete by adding vegetation. Three crepe myrtle trees were donated from NPR’s new headquarters site, which is currently under construction, and planted in the new “Oak Leaf Park,” along with lariope, shrubs, and native grasses. In addition, DDOT widened a cramped and narrow sidewalk leading to the Metro entrance improving the crosswalk at Second and N Streets, NE. The entire transformation took place in one day, astounding passers-by and encouraging more than a few cell phone snapshots.”

photo courtesy NoMa BID

I also happened to stop by the other day and noticed that the New York Ave Metro has an awesome transition from inside to outside with the stonework. It is really brilliant:


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