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New Ethiopian Resaurant Opens up in North Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2010 at 4:30 pm 16 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

Props to dullshick for noticing this new addition in north Columbia Heights. Tegeste Ethiopian restaurant is located at 3521 14th St, NW in the old Catti Mexican Restaurant space (which had been closed for years.) Anyone happen to check them out yet?

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  • Umm…it’s called Tivoli North now, get with the program…

    Kidding. On a serious note, that’s actually rather exciting. Hopefully it’s awesome.

    (I like the birds in the photo.)

  • Whoa, that is good news! Anybody check out the interior yet? What’s the menu like? Expensive, or a bargain? Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Love me some Ethiopian! Speaking of this part of the hood, anyone have the inside scoop on Social?

    Now defunct with a cryptic tweet a few weeks ago consisting only of ” . ”

    Didn’t look like business was ever that strong…

  • Fred “The Dorf” Dorman

    That’s the first thing on the block between P-wood and Perry that I’d actually go in to.

    I’m the father of internal bushings, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    TiNo stand up

  • Anonymous

    You may go into it, Dorf, but let’s see if you come back out of it as a man or a boy. Bimbop Injera anyone?

  • Bear

    I love Ethiopian…hope it’s good!

  • Jay’O

    I love the freaky birds flying through the picture!

  • Sara

    OK – after this posting, I went to Tegeste last night. I was so excited because I live right nearby and it’s exciting to have Ethiopian food within walking distance! My assessment: though the atmosphere is a little lacking so far, and the credit card and beer/wine licenses are not yet up, we had a great experience. They’ve only been open for three days so I forgive all of the little things above. The important thing is that the food was really, really good, some of the best and freshest-tasting Ethiopian I’ve had in the area. Two of us shared the vegetarian combo and a lamb Awaze Tibs. The owners were really nice – they live above the restaurant. I would urge others to check it out!

  • dullshick

    Sara-thanks for the review. We were on the way to Pho Viet when we spotted this place, but will have to check Tegeste out soon. Sounds promising!

    • victoria

      But Pho Viet is so good! Worth the extra blocks walk from Pho 14 – which isn’t bad – just not as good as Pho Viet)

  • madventures

    Thanks to POP we tried Tegeste tonight! The food was great. We ordered a yummy combo and lamb and it came out very quickly. The owner was super nice and we are psyched that we have a new restaurant within walking distance!

  • Laura

    We also just ate here… the food was great. We had the “house special” beef tibs and the veggie combo. I agree with Sara in that they are definitely still in “opening” mode – they won’t have their credit card machine up for another week so bring cash if you go. Very exciting though, I’ll be back there again!

  • Sam

    POP – did you happen to get a menu that has the phone number?

    • Prince Of Petworth


  • JB

    We went there for lunch on Jan. 2. Still no credit card machine or beer/liquor, but it didn’t matter, the food was amazing. We had the veggie combo, house special beef tibs & chicken doro wat. The dishes were excellent – definitely on par if not the best Ethiopian I’ve had in DC. The owners were super nice. Before we left, they insisted on roasting fresh coffee for us. I was skeptical, because it smelled burned, but it was the best cup of coffee I’ve had in years – dark, rich & full of flavor. Better than anything I’ve had at Qualia or MidCity (& I like their coffee, this was just a step above). I really do hope they succeed in this location – it is always so hard for new restaurants.


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