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MPD Ass’t Chief Groomes on Administrative Leave – I Hope She is Able to Return Soon

by Prince Of Petworth November 22, 2010 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

The Post reported late Friday afternoon:

…a police spokeswoman said Lanier had placed Groomes on “administrative leave pending further investigation into an allegation that she was involved in compromising a test administered to some members of the command staff as part of their in-service training.”…

Groomes said last night that “I am sorry for my actions and bad judgment . . . and for the discredit I caused to the best chief, department . . . and city.”

There has already been a lot of support for Chief Groomes on various listservs throughout the city. I just wanted to publicly add my voice to that support. Of course, Chief Groomes made a mistake and she should face a reprimand for her action. Nevertheless, while MPD has many assets, Chief Groomes is hands down the most responsive and helpful MPD representative I have ever worked with. Often times readers write me about incidents and/or issues that I do not post about. Though, when possible, I do try to help the reader out and in that regard Chief Groomes has been invaluable. It does not matter if it is day, night, over the weekend or even while she is on vacation – Chief Groomes has always been able to provide help and/or guidance.

Our neighborhoods and our city will benefit greatly with Chief Groomes in a continued leadership position with MPD. I hope she is able to return soon.

After the jump a note from MPD’s temporary replacement – Assistant Chief Alfred Durham

From Neighborhood listservs:

“On Friday, November 19th Chief Cathy Lanier assigned me to temporarily command the Patrol Services and School Security Bureau. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the residents and visitors of the Third District. My name is Alfred Durham and I am an assistant chief of police with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). I have 23 years of law enforcement experience. My most recent assignment was executive officer for the department, which entailed a myriad of operational duties in direct support of the Executive Office of the Chief of Police in carrying out the mission and operational needs of the department. If there is anything that I can do to assist you as a community or an individual, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I will be monitoring communications on this listserv and ensuring that all concerns are addressed.”

  • la_niña

    something similar just happened in Prince George’s county and the Union came out to defend the officer’s taking the test! If she is guilty she should be terminated – everyone should be held to the same rules.

  • briefly

    She makes $150K a year. If she can’t be basically honest at that price I think we can do better. Or maybe police are not capable of basic honesty.

    • Anonymous

      Frankly, they’re not.

  • 14th St Heights

    I agree, PoP. Reprimand her, but put her back on the job. She does a great job.

    • El Gringo


    • Jay’O

      Yeah, give her a reprimand, but get her butt back on the Streets since she’s one of the best cops on the force in DC. Anyone who’s lived here for more than 2 years, and has paid any attention to cime fighting will know her worth.

      For those suburban prisses out there who want to look cool by saying all cops are corrupt, realise you’re playing into the hands of the Really corrupt MPD old school types that see her as the enemy (for helping hold them accountable) and they want to see her sacked!

  • dc20001

    Chief Groomes has a reputation with many neighborhood associations and residents in general as being very responsive and extremely hardworking. She should get a reprimand that fits her bad decision. Keep in mind she is not accused of cheating on her test, but of helping others with suggestions to finish the written portion of their test after she had finished. That is still wrong of course, but I hope we don’t lose such a valuable asset as Chief Groomes over this.

  • David Magee

    Groomes is a great officer in my eyes… Thanks for your help with everything thus far, Officer Groomes. I look forward to your continued service to the community.

  • Ward4Resident

    Asst Chief Groomes is awesome. Period. She has been there for so many DC residents. While Lanier gets a lot of the limelight, Groomes does just as much of the dirty work. Her salary is absolutely commesurate with her experience and the amount of hours she puts in (does anyone on here know that she often works as many as 20 hours a day??)

    Sorry, but from everything I’ve heard about this incident, it seems really minor and not even that newsworthy. Clearly, it was a slow week. I say slap on the wrist (to appease the public) and let her get back to work. Because we need her!

  • Support AC Groomes

    Please support Chief Groomes on Facebook:

  • Ramsey

    Lets not pass judgement until MPD has the time to complete the investigation and file a final report. It’s about the integrity of Chief Groomes that is on the line.

  • Steve C

    Assistant Chief Groomes did some great work in DC and I hope she gets a second chance. I’ve seen her work really hard in the community and she was always available!

  • Boomhauer

    While I support giving officers a chance, there’s a blatant double standard going on here between the command staff and the average officer.

    If the average officer cheated on a Federally-mandated/administered test, he or she would likely be on non-contact status and would have their credibility wide-open to criticism. Non-contact means your police powers are revoked and you’re sitting at an assignment where you have little to no contact with the public in a professional capacity. Non-contact does not mean you still get to wear the uniform and drive your smoked-out sedan around town.

    It’s immensely damaging to morale to see the disparity of treatment between officers, white shirts, and the upper-echelon command staff. When you choose to get promoted, the expectation is that you lead by example and that the consequences should be greater because you are the one in charge. Too often the schenanigans of the white shirts that are far more serious get swept under the rug, while the average officer gets fired or stuck in investigative limbo for months on end for near base-less charges.


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